Monday, August 20, 2007

Has the next General Election been scrapped by the BNP ?

Target Europe

The above clip from a latest BNP bulletin suggests that this is so. There are many reasons why the BNP hierarchy would need a breathing space, lack of money being one of them. The reason given, and suggesting that the Euro elections in 2008 are now the main target, is nonsense. This tactic by Mr.Griffin has been tried before in 2001. We are very sure that many members will have many and varied reasons and ideas for this appalling decision by the BNP. Oh dear. The words 'brewery,booze-up, organise and couldn't' immediately come to mind.


Anonymous said...

So 'Britain's Best Hope'
(I use that term with little conviction), can barely be arsed to push all out for a general election.
Does this not speak volumes?
Or are the Griffinites so bedazzled by his silver/forked tongue that they think the way to get our country back is to shoehorn in a couple of NG's muckers, maybe good ole Lee Barnes or that Arthur Kemp bloke or the delightful Collett.
Loadsa money for them then!
Who needs Members of Parliament in Britain when some dodgy coves can find the delicious gravy train that is the sad lot of an MEP.
Wakey wakey!

Anonymous said...

Bill Jax asks...

"This tactic by Mr.Griffin has been tried before in 2001. We are very sure that many members will have many and varied reasons and ideas for this appalling decision by the BNP."

I am not familiar with recent BNP history, as in 2001. So please can someone explain why 'this tactic..tried before in 2001' is wrong.

It seems perfectly plausible to concentrate on the Euro elections where the BNP can win a seat or two, rather than the Westminster Parliamentary general election, where it is very difficult to win.

You are referring to something that you assume most of your readers know, but I do not.

Bill Jax

bp said...

It's a shame the BNP isnt putting the same effort into the London Assembly elections and London mayor as it seems to be into Europe, especially as the BNP was so close to getting elected to the GLA last time.

UKIP has MEPs but it hasnt transformed or enhanced its UK votes.

A BNP place on the Assembly would put the BNP on the map far, far more - that and Livingstone's reaction.

Yorkie said...

After the 1999 (not 2001) Euro elections, a BNP official is supposed to have said that it would have been cheaper just to give £100 to everyone who joined as a result of the party's campaign. By contrast, the 2004 elections were far more successful, although I have no real idea how many members joined as a result.

Spending £600,000 (largely funded by compulsory contributions from BNP units) on one event does seem excessive. This is essentially a gamble on what public opinion will be like on one particular day, three years from now.

The number of British MEPs is being reduced to make way for new members from Bulgaria and Romania. As a result it will be harder not easier to get a candidate elected. Unlike in local or parliamentary elections, no amount of knocking on doors, talking to neighbours, workmates and people in pubs or additional leafletting is likely to lead to a significant increase in our vote, because the constituencies are simply too huge.

If we are successful, it will lead to some of our best people (and others) being out of the country for long periods and probably achieving very little. The UKIP member for my own region seems like a decent bloke and his views differ little from current BNP policy, however, he seems to have been able to achieve nothing either for our country or his own party back in Britain.

On the other hand, people expect ambitious parties to contest every election that comes along, it might be good for recruitment to get an election address to every home in the country and a good result would boost morale for nationalists.

It is a difficult one, and I would be interested to learn the views of others. For myself, I think if the party's accounts were finally published and they showed a huge surplus, I would say "go for it". Otherwise, no.

Anonymous said...

They planned to play down the GE in 2001. There was a Northern and Southern rally but no real GE campaign. The focus they said was the local elections.

Then the Northern riots went off.

The two GE results of that year in Oldham were quite excellent.

the unbeleiver said...

yes the genral elctions results in oldham were good in 2001, but when help was equired after from central office, it was not forthcomming. in the elections that followed , oldham bnp had a shop premises which were rented out of branch funds(when ROY GOODWIN should have provided the premises free of charge) so they could have a central office to fight a proper campaign, but they instead ended up doing leaflets for the rest of the north west and some from yorkshire. this meant that oldham didnt get a chance to capitalise on publi oppinion as they didnt get to do their own leaflets

Anonymous said...

NG will do 'whatever it takes' to pour [other peoples] money into the Euros because if he gets to be an MEP its a gravy train FOR LIFE.

The man is a money-grubbing thieving snake.

Anonymous said...

Griffin's best chance of big bucks is an MEP's job.

Go figure.

chewbacca said...

Thats why he parachuted himself into the North West at the last Euros which was his attempt again to get the Euro dosh.

Anonymous said...

Gawd Strewth, when are you ALL going to realise that the BNP isn't meant to get anywhere?

The BNP is a state run operation


If it wasn't a state run op every penny and ounce of energy would go into the local elections where you could prove yourselves at local level in your communities. From there the public would elect you as MP's if you did job properly. Only a moron would believe the line that the BNP is throwing, I should know, I was once a moron.

Anonymous said...

When/If Griffin/Darby and Co get elected they will ditch the rest of the BNP like a rocket leaving orbit with the fuel sections left behind.

They are no different from other parties - but you kind of hoped the BNP was "different".

BNP HQ has starved branches of funds. The only people getting money are the crooks who are up Griffin's arse.

Anonymous said...

"BNP HQ has starved branches of funds. The only people getting money are the crooks who are up Griffin's arse."

It's supposed to be that way so you don't REALLY get anywhere.

The BNP is infiltrated right to the top and I and others have the proof.

Kind regards

Sharon Ebanks

pete r said...

Bill Jax writes:
"You are referring to something that you assume most of your readers know, but I do not."

Since both NWN and I were involved in the regional organisers conference which planned the BNP Euro campaign for the 1999 elections (CJ being unavailable at the time) perhaps a brief history lesson is in order.

The BNP (then under John Tyndall's leadership) saw the 1999 Euro election as an opportunity because:
- it would give us another nationwide television broadcast;
- the PR system might encourage more people to vote BNP;
- the detailed constituency breakdown of the regional list system would act like a giant opinion poll, revealing a pattern of relative strength and weakness which could aid the party's development.

Nick Griffin's contribution to the discussion was twofold:
- he promised that the UKIP would be destroyed by the time of the election, due to a dirty tricks operation he had personally devised and directed, targetting then UKIP leader Dr Alan Sked;
- he was obsessed by the notion that the BNP's future lay in targetting country areas such as South West England, rather than the party's traditional focus in white flight London and the immigrant-plagued areas of the North and Midlands.

In the early stages of the campaign it was assumed that we would need to fight two or three regions to get a broadcast. NWN and I argued successfully that the North West should be one of these; Nick Griffin argued unsuccessfully against us that South West England should be prioritised instead.

History has shown whose analysis was correct!

In the event of course NG's promise was not fulfilled and UKIP continued to flourish, inevitably overshadowing the BNP, as it did even five years later when NG was leader.

As is well known, racial crisis in the North West propelled the BNP into the headlines during 2000-2003, so by the time of the 2004 Euro election the party no longer needed the publicity of a TV broadcast.

By now the rationale for throwing money at the Euro election was simple - the possibility of winning a seat or seats.

I argued in 2003-2004 that this was a diversion and that the party would be far better off concentrating its resources on building serious strength in particular localities, in particular at the very realistic aim of winning a seat or seats on the Greater London Assembly.

Again I was proved right and Griffin proved wrong. The BNP failed to target its resources effectively, was overshadowed again by UKIP in the Euro election, and failed to get anything in the GLA election either.

In 2009 we see the ultimate absurdity of a supposedly nationalist party preparing to prioritise the European election above the elections to its own national parliament!!!!

Of course, given the electoral system, there is more chance for now of winning a Euro seat than winning a Westminster seat. But so what!?!

The only way to take power in this country will be via building up strength at Westminster. Even a few second places or strong third places in a General Election will cause more panic to the Establishment than the election of a Euro MP.

There are plenty of 'extremist' representatives in the European Parliament, but their impact depends on how strong their parties are perceived to be domestically.

If the party continues to develop roots in areas with strong potential (Burnley, Oldham, Calderdale, etc) only to see those roots wither, then throws all its effort into securing a well paid job for NG in Europe (and if they're lucky, a couple of his cronies as well) then it won't be surprising if the BNP is viewed cynically by the voting public.

Anonymous said...

Bill Jax says...thanks Pete R for the history lesson. Very illuminating.

Anonymous said...

"then it won't be surprising if the BNP is viewed cynically by the voting public."

Or its members

It also throws boiling water all over Griffins idea of 'Community Politics'

Kind regards

Sharon Ebanks

NorthWestNationalists said...

Pete R :

wasn't Chris Jackson at that meeting ?

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...