Sunday, August 26, 2007

RAF poofters about to join the Gay parade in Manchester.

NWN : Exasperated ! The Ducie Arms is one of my favourite watering holes. It was opposite the Boddingtons brewery close to Victoria station.


Anonymous said...

And they are out of step !

Anonymous said...

she has big tits on the left !

part of the solution-pots said...

I just love Nick Griffin and even though I am not a BNP member I love him to bits.

NorthWestNationalists said...

This last post has to be a wind-up.

POTs / Shearer is no friend of mine.

martin brierley said...

i think they look nice and smart in their uniforms. im not bothered if they are gay so long as they perform their duties for their country when required

Anonymous said...

This post isn't a wind up.

At least the men and women in the picture have done what most national service-supporting BNP members have never even dreamed of doing - joined up!

So all you jokers will care about the sexuality of the people who have put themselves forward to defend you if push comes to shove?


French Bloat said...

It looks like the entire membership of the BPP.

Except Sid looks more queer. obviously.

Sid Williamson said...

You wouldn't say that to my face.

Mainly because I'd have my head buried in a pillow.

NorthWestNationalists said...

I rather suspect hypocrites is a gay leftie !

Errrm, some of us have served, and we know why it was forbidden to be gay in the military. It affects morale.

By the way, we are not as anti-gay as we are 'PRO - family'.

What do you think the badge is on the top of this writers comments ?