Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bacup in Lancashire - bye- election - September 2007

Where are all the 'Red White & Bluers' have they got back yet?
Apparently, it has been left to the 'fighting few' yet again, doing the BNP election 'leg work', according to our info.

The poor old 'dinosaurs' and 'vermin' are left to do the work again !


Anonymous said...

Well, vermin have more than two legs so are bound to do the job better :-)


S Ebanks

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes apart from a few hard core activists we are being left to rot over here in Rossendale.
Maybee its because the Rossendale Organiser supported Chris Jackson in the recent Leadership challenge! No surely not! The BNP is a democratic Party and would never think along those lines.
All help would be gratefully accepted.
Now the RWB is out of the way let this Party get back to doing what we are meant to be doing, winning back this Country!

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