Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More support for the neo-cons by Nick Griffin

21st August 2007News article filed by BNP news team

The suggestion that a French President, who is of second generation Hungarian Jewish origin may be an (admittedly), unlikely candidate to receive the accolade of the most nationalist head of state, will doubtless seem controversial to the many adherents of the old style nationalist parties across Europe, who have regrettably inherited and furthermore institutionalised some degree of anti-Semitism. However the BNP looks forward, not backward and looks beyond such blinkered vision and while acknowledging that President Nicolas Sarkozy was elected on a populist patriotic nationalist platform at the expense of the BNP’s friends in Le Pen’s Front National, there is no doubt that Le President is continuing to deliver the goods to the long suffering voters of France. Yesterday the no-nonsense President announced new measures to deal with repeat sex offenders in response to a high-level paedophile scandal.


One to watch

President Sarkozy is definitely one to watch. As all of Europe faces the common enemy of militant Islam; the scourge of Marxist-liberalism; the interference of the unelected European Commission and the widespread decline of an industrial economic base, it remains to be seen whether Sarkozy’s actions are merely headline grabbing window dressing or genuine action to rescue a nation under threat from within and without. How France responds to these issues could set the scene for replication across all of Europe, including the UK.

NWN: What pap ! The BNP support for this neo-con stuff is embarassing. We also noticed that Sarkozy was immediate in his support ,after his election, for the neo=cons and Bush, in their war against Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan. But will the French be sending French troops to die in these God forsaken lands ?
It's just another case of 'blood being thicker than water' with Sarkozy linking up with his fellow zionists who hold sway in Bushs regime.
This 'cliche ridden tripe' by the writer, fails to persuade us to support their line.


Anonymous said...

Is that that idiot 'oy vey Barnes' at it again ?

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy has already been seen to be very pally with Lybia and shown pro eurabia leanings I had put my hopes in the BNP but im seriously concerned about this line it has well thrown me and Mr Griffin cannot put that down to any anti jewish old nationalist biased because im not bogged down with such baggage.

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