Wednesday, August 15, 2007

EFP barbecue early September - East Lancashire
A BBQ is planned early in September for the East Lancashire area. This is to help fundraising for the England First Party elections in the Lancashire region. More news when we get it.


Saxons_r_us said...

Sounds fun - what part of Lancashire will it be in?

Pete R said...

Just heard from Ian today - should be a good event and another big step forward for the EFP in Lancashire.

martin brierley said...

i heard it will be held in the darwin west indian centre where councillor johnstons dad lives

DJS said...

The penalty shoot out alone with ian plague in the goals will make it worth while going. A big run up needed.

dave from wogden said...

Seems the Griffinites are none too pleased about an harmless BBQ .

Wonder why that might be ?

Anonymous said...

Will the man whom JT said was old bill and he wished he's never let join the BNP be present?

If so, will Chop Suey be on the menu?

Any nationalists, patriots and loyalists in London and South East want to shout Booooooooooo?