Saturday, August 11, 2007

The final duel !


NWest Pete said...

OK I love Clint Eastwood like most people but what the fu*k has this got to do with our war here in Britain.Still the clip is great...Is it to point out the affects of Global warming perhaps,it looks bloody warm there.

NorthWestNationalists said...

The film HIGH NOON was a metaphor for us good people. The average joe will not do anything. It takes heroes to change things.

This clip is a metaphor for Griffin, the crook, and I suppose we can use the last leadership election.

Chris Jackson was not even allowed to campaign.

It took Clint Eastwood to level the issue/playing field.

The BNP membership CAN level the issue.

Anonymous said...

That clip is from the Good The Bad and the Ugly and not High Noon. High Noon starred Gary Cooper and was made in 1952.

NorthWestNationalists said...

The film is For a few dollars more starring Eastwood.

I should have made myself a little clearer in my original post.

High Noon starring Cooper was JT's favourite film which had Cooper as the hero. he had to take on the ba guys alone. When he won he received all the congrats from a do nothing local population. They did not help in the struggle of good versus evil.

The 'Few dollars' film clip shows the baddies 'cheating'.

Eastwood interferes and gives Van Cleef/The Colonel, a gun to even things up.

We need a Clint Eastwood to make a level playing field re., the leadership election farce.

The BNP members can be the Clint Eastwood in the clip for the BNP.

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