Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here , what about all these Poles ?

There seems to be some dispute among the nationalist community. We at NWN say; we do not want all these surplus immigrants coming here, and undercutting British workers wages.

Yes, they are white people, but this is our land.

If they were fleeing communism, as many did in the 40's and 50's, we would welcome them in the UK. They were seperate but asked for no welfare, and worked within our society.

Now there are many thousands of them. This must cease !

They should work in or change their own Country.


pete r said...

Fair enough, we nationalists aren't Thatcherite free marketeers and we don't want cheap labour undercutting British workers - either by coming here or by our factories going there.

But the argument over on Stormfront was over whether white immigration is the same as non-white immigration.

The modern BNP line on all this is dodgy IMHO because on the one hand some ultra-Griffinites argue the multiracial society is here to stay, then they are after banging the populist drum against white Europeans.

In other words they wouldn't repatriate a Jamaican from Moss Side but they would campaign to keep out a Pole.

I sometimes travel on public transport very early in the morning. I see Eastern Europeans on their way to work at 6AM; I rarely see Afro-Caribbeans in that situation.

So if, as some Stormfronters have, we are to talk about "freeloaders", perhaps we should be looking at third generation black immigrants before we look at first generation white immigrants.

In any case, even before we start looking at the economics of it, we should start by acknowledging that race is fundamental to our sense of nationhood, and that whether Poles are here or not, we are engaged in a common battle for the survival of White Europe.

That's the fundamental issue, even if we go on from there to recognise that there are other issues with "free" movement of even white labour across Europe.

Yorkie said...

If one negro had to be deported for every Pole who came in, the various communities of Britain would be competing to see who could attract the most!

Seriously, mass migrations to, and within, developed countries are always bad. If a million people moved from Scotland to Yorkshire, it would create huge problems in both places. People in both Britain and Poland need to challenge an economic and political system which leads to such movements.

NorthWestNationalists said...

I think me and you Pete R speak from the 'same hymn sheet'.

But you are right to explain to others who haven't been in the ideological struggle as closely or as intently or as long as we have.

I ust admit to losing my patience with some newbies !

the unbeliever said...

the poles do work, but they should not be employed at the expense of indigenous people as is regularly happening on building sites, where you often hear "sorry mate, we are not taking on british workers"

the poles and their descendants will eventually integrate into british life and their kids will become british, not like the non whites who will always be a burden.

Anonymous said...

All our local supermarkets now have a polish section selling sausage as hard as rock and polish beer amongst other stuff.

They had better not start nicking swans and British fish such as carp and tench. There will be bugger all wildlife left if they scoff the lot.

Anonymous said...

Griffins BNP have no idealogical base and they do argue that the multi-racial mess cannot be turned back.

What nonsense.

The British people should be able, under a true democracy, be able to determine just whom and who shall not, reside in this green and pleasent land.

Anonymous said...

jam rolls ?

Anonymous said...

How refreshing to have this view expressed by NWN! Thank you!

The huge volumes of Eastern European immigrants will not integrate into this country and become British.

Already, Polish courses are being provided so that our people can communicate with Poles etc.

These are a very different generation to the (few) Poles that came over during the War.

They have also been under generations of Communism which they consider normal.

I consider the most dangerous aspect of these people is that they form part of the World Marxism that says it's OK to come to "rich" countries and take all they can. Part of the levelling of the whole world down to poverty and misery.

We're not talking about hordes of West Germans for example (which would still cause problems to our people even though they, like the Dutch are our closest cousins).

I think it's irrelevant as to whether it should be Poles versus 3rd Generation Afro-Carribeans.

The problems of 2nd, 3rd generation people who are not our race is a separate issue and a difficult one for separate discussion and resolution.

However, ALL these lst generation immigrants who have come into our country on mass recently (who are not going to integrate as British) should ALL go home to sort out their own countries.

Such people in future should only be allowed here on temporary work visas, which will give us time to train up our own indigenous people in areas of genuine skills-shortage. Please note note that these Poles etc. are not filling genuine skills shortages. They are putting our people out of work.

I don't care that they're "white".

The ONLY people we should consider having back on permanent residence and citizenship are our descendants in Australia, South Africa and such places, and only if they haven't become thoroughly Australian, South African etc. What I mean is, if they still feel British and their loyalty is to their people of origin they can come back.

Am I the only one who is sick of Britain pandering to the Poles? It's because of the dear Poles that we got involved in WW2 and yet all we hear about is how we owe THEM. Sorry! It's the other way around.

Is this radical enough from a "newbie"? ;-)

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