Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tories welcome Cameron's tough talk on immigration
NWN: We have seen this somewhere before haven't we ?
1979 - Maggie Thatcher ?
And ,we know that Herr Griffin can't be bothered with the General Election. Surely a recipe for disaster! The only good thing will be ,most of the 'johnny come lately' tories in the BNP will now push off !

David Cameron: getting tough on immigration

Tory MPs and activists were delighted today after David Cameron hardened his image with calls for curbs on immigration and "tough punishment" for criminals.

The Conservative leader also confirmed that he would push up air taxes and hit airlines with new levies for flying half-empty planes.

Mr Cameron said his party had "fire in its belly" for a snap autumn poll, but refused to reveal whether he would step down should he fail to defeat Gordon Brown at the next election.

Having until now deliberately avoided talk of immigration, Mr Cameron declared that it was putting too much pressure on housing and public services in an interview on Newsnight last night. He said that the level of migration had been "too high" under Labour.

"I do think that people have a very real concern about levels of immigrationand not because of different cultures or the colour of their skin," he said. "Concern is about services. It's the pressure on schools, pressure on hospitals, pressure on housing.

"It's important to understand that if your child is going into a reception class and suddenly 20 new kids turn up because lots more families have arrived, then that is a big pressure."


Anonymous said...

Mustnt use the word race, lets be more cute and as always use the numbers game. Thats how Thatcher did it, and when she got in she did nothing to stop immigration.

Mind you, Griffin talks the same language, dont use the name race , and, we are not racists now you know.

But who is more likely to get the votes ? The neo nazi BNP or the ever so moderate Tories ?

the unbeliever said...

the tories will do nothing about immigration as normal.

nice place of worship being built near your house mr barker. i saw it in between the flats on my way home tonight, if only i had my rocket launcher with me

NorthWestNationalists said...

There are at least two huge mosques going up in the centre of Rochdale.

At the last count, I think there were 34 mosques in the town. Then there are the illegal mosques, such as the one half way up Whitworth Road.

observer said...

Talking tough on immigration didn't do the Tories much good in Epping Forrest.

BNP hold.

Oh dear, it looks like its back to the drawing board for Shazza & co.

Anonymous said...

"Oh dear, it looks like its back to the drawing board for Shazza & co.

11:56 PM"

Why should I need to go back to the drawing board? If I were you I'd wait until May before blowing your horn in public. Try winning a seat with real power where the electorate number 17,000+ per ward then you can brag. You have very few in your ranks with the guts and determination to do it and I should know, they put their disgusting beer and footy first.

What a pity it was seeing Mike Bell out on his bike collecting signatures for the Brandwood by-election on his own. I understand everyone else was busy watching football :-)

Mr Bell is a very interesting character, you should see where he goes on the train...

Zero Regards

Sharon Ebanks

NorthWestNationalists said...

To be fair the electorate in Epping was very tiny.

300 votes and you win ?

The good thing is, Griffin will parachute himself into this area and maff everybody off again.

He won't be coming near the nationalist heartlands of Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Midlands.Ever again we hope.

The £200,000 + campaign by Richie Barnbrook in London is a waste of time too.

We were going to pull the plug on London when I was an AC member in 1999. There are too many w*** !

Anonymous said...

I vote agent griffin to stand in barking.

Anonymous said...

Trotting out the old Tory lie again. Must be an election coming soon.

What's frightening is that the electorate will undoubtedly fall for it yet again.

Anonymous said...

"He won't be coming near the nationalist heartlands of Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Midlands.Ever again we hope."

If he comes to Brum I'll punch the living daylights out of him.

If he's looking in

Give the money back to the members you THIEVING BASTARD.

Kind regards

Sharon Ebanks

Below is a link to Griffins personality

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I vote agent griffin to stand in barking.

6:02 AM"

Don't you mean Griffin is BARKING? Ha ha

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...