Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daily Telegraph "Hoodie" picture manipulated via Photoshop?
Thu, 16 Aug 2007 06:46:47 +0100

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From: Martin Webster
To: The Editor, Daily Telegraph
Cc: Jan Moir
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 9:50 PM

Subject: "Hoodie" picture manipulated via Photoshop?

The Editor,
The Daily Telegraph,
Dear Sir,
I refer to the photograph which accompanied the main article ("I've never felt less like hugging a hoodie") in Jan Moir's 'Wednesday Column' published in today's (15th August) Daily Telegraph.
The photo depicts a white lad wearing a 'hoodie' top, part of which is drawn up over his mouth to provide a mask.
The front part of the garment appears to have a logo comprising a twice-repeated "NF" imprinted on it.
The letters of the logo are straight, and are not in any way distorted by the fact that the material is being stretched up to form a mask.
In view of this, can you give an explicit and categorical assurance that the photo has not been manipulated by employment of Photoshop software?
Am I wrong in thinking that the 'hoodie' in the photo is the same lad who, a couple of months ago, appeared in news reports after having given hostile gestures to Conservative Party leader David Cameron during one of his walkabouts?
If so, I do not recollect seeing the "NF" logo on the 'hoodie's' garb in any of the photos which accompanied reports of that event.
The point of Jan Moir's article was to deplore the thuggish behaviour of many young people today.
Putting to one side the most significant aspect of the current youth crime wave -- "black-on-black" gun and knife crime which largely seems to be connected with turf wars among drug-dealers -- the recent deplorable incidents involving white louts seem to be promoted by alcohol and boredom-fuelled summer holiday hooliganism with no discernable political motivation.
If I am right about the photo having been manipulated by Photoshop, why did you and/or Jan Moir find it necessary to politicise the current spate of white lout thuggery by employing a dishonest subliminal technique to suggest that the phenomenon has a connection with or is inspired by white racialist affiliation or sympathy?
Yours faithfully,
Martin Webster.


NorthWestNationalists said...

Hoodies ?

The BNP should say; bring back the birch, and also bring back hanging for multiple murderers.

Judges should be given the option of these two punishments.

Jail does not work. The birch is short and sharp. Studies have shown that offenders do not come back for a second dose.

Some crimes are that heinous that capital punishment should be the only option.

We also need to develop an ethos of honesty within society.

Far too many Judges and Police officers are either corrupt or too lazy. These should be rooted out asap !

Anonymous said...

Bill Jax says:

The problem is just how do you root out corruptand lazy police?

One of the reasons why police usually cover up for their colleagues, thus making it difficult to enforce discipline, is that those making false and malicious complaints are rarely prosecuted.

If they were always prosecuted and severely punished, enforcing discipline would be easier.

Tribunals hearing complaints could be public, thus exposing the behaviour of both the complanant and the police to the public.

Such a policy by the BNP, or something like it, would get the enthusiastic support of any honest and industrious police officer.

Simply shouting that the lazy and corrupt should be rooted out asap, without any practical proposals, is like saying "Bad things should not be tolerated!"

Bill Jax

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