Thursday, August 02, 2007

Griffin's attack-dogs drive out Jonathan Bowden.


Please note the the e-mail below which had been
forwarded to Tony Hancock and which he forwarded to his list.

It is a great shame that the BNP is so corrupt that
inside information about it sometimes comes from the opponents of British
nationalism rather than from a nationalist source. But truth is truth,
regardless of source.

I will be issuing an ELC about the whole leadership election and Constitutional fiasco of the BNP in a couple of days. While I will cover a lot of issues wider than just the recent BNP
leadership election, my lead-inwill be that Griffin saw Chris Jackson's challenge as a "stalking horse" operation. Griffin just did not credit that there was NO challenger of substance waiting in the wings.

Desperate not to lose his BNP money-cow; frantic at the thought of a newcomer stepping in and having the party's financial affairs over the past nine years made the subject of a forensic
accountant's examination, Griffin put on his thinking cap and deduced that the only
credible senior BNP member waiting in the wings to take his job is Jonathan
Bowden, a leading BNP official who had the temerity to sign Jackson's nomination paper in the recent election for the party chairmanship.

I am told that Griffin's correspondence to Michael Easter, Jackson's
campaign manager, was hysterical -- hysterical with anxiety, not with jokes!
I hope Easter publishes these exchanges so that we can all have a laugh.

It was widely discussed earlier this month that Griffin had been shocked at the large number of senior party officials who had signed Jackson's nomination paper. Leading that group of senior
members was accomplished platform speaker Jonathan Bowden. Griffin is sure to have noted that next year Bowden would have been a BNP member for five years -- and thus come into possession of the full set of qualifiications required to stand as a candidate for the BNP chairmanship.

The crucial factor which will have resolved Griffin to set his hounds on Bowden was the election result.

Griffin will doubtless trumpet that he got "90 per cent !!" (3,363), and Jackson "only got 10 per cent!" (337).

But the crucial figure is that ONLY 43 PER CENT OF THE MEMBERSHIP VOTED.

Thus a substantial majority of the members of the BNP, given an opportunity to endorse Nick Griffin as their Chairman, either refrained from doing so or voted for an almost unknown former Regional Organiser.

Such tepid waters of support do not buoy up leaders -- they tempt challengers to dip their toes in.....

The Tyndallite/"Hardliner" faction which backed Jackson have not emerged from this affair covered with glory, but it did sufficient to goad the paranoid Griffin to display his weakness to the most fickle ("ungrateful") of all audiences: the membership of a political party.

Griffin's action against Bowden may come to be seen as a crucial mistake. It certainly has the potential to trigger-off a sequence of unintended and unforseen consequences.

If any of you have any further information which may add to the next ELC,
please sent the same to me a.s.a.p.


Martin Webster.

From: A.Hancock
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Date: Monday, July 30, 2007 7:45 AM
Subject: Fw: 'Cultural Officer' and member of the
Advisory Council of the British National Party has resigned

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Advisory Council of the British National Party has resigned
BNP's 'Cultural Officer' resigns after accusations
Posted on July 29, 2007

The so-called 'Cultural Officer' and member of the Advisory Council of the British National Party has resigned following a series of accusations that have been posted up on the Covert blog.
"I have many other and better things to do with my life
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Pete R said...

I see the thread on this has been removed from Stormfront.

Old BNP said...

The fact a large proportion of the membership did not vote in the election says a lot. They are saying, "Griffin has taken the party as far as it can go under him, we need a new leader to take us to Government".

observer said...

Are they?

I would say that they knew the result was a foregone conclusion and didn't bother.

Anonymous said...

I give Griffin two more years before ALL will finally see through him for what he is. Naturally this won't bother him as he has a tidy sum to retire on and a book to write that we can all steal from the book shelves to wipe our arses on.

Apologies for the language but I always hope the CUNT Kevin Scott/Daffy Duck is looking in and I know how much he hates bad language but I'd just like to tell him, I HATE F*CKING CROOKS. Give me bad language over a crook anyday.

Kind regards

Sharon Ebanks

PS If Keving doesn't like what I write I could always start publishing his emails and revealing his other non-de-plumes that he uses for weedling money out of people on the Internet. How is the fraud investigation going, Kev? I hope you get 5yrs you filthy scumbag and end your days licking up the sawdust from the floors of your local B&Q.

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