Sunday, August 12, 2007

This is a strictly limited edition FREE ERNST ZUNDEL badge.

Only produced by Final Conflict and not available anywhere else.
This has been officially sanctioned by Ernst's wife and well-known authoress Ingrid Rimland.
With stunning enamelling and gold lettering and outline, this badge is a must-have.
Help raise money and raise the profile of this much-liked German-Canadian prisoner of conscience by buying and wearing the badge.
As revisionism has become a dirty word amongst many would-be patriots, and as Zionists and Neo-Cons clamour for ever-more repressive laws against those who simply ask for open debate of all aspects of history, as well as fair treatment of Germans and German communities and people outside Germany: it is vital for true patriots to make a stand today. Ernst Zundel is a pacifist.
Those who have met him know that he doesn't have a bad bone in his body. Yet - because he has defended the honour of Germans - he has been treated very badly.
Extradited from America on a technicality he has suffered jail in Canada and Germany, including solitary confinement and even have his pencils and paper taken from him: as if this elderly, kindly man were some kind of 'terrorist'.
The bile and hatred felt towards this old German expatriate by 'the authorities' is simply stunning!
Yet to some his cause is unmentionable as they seek to cosy up to Israel and the Zionist Lobby. Show your support for the Truth.
Show your support for open debate in history.
Show your support for the honour of normal German troops and civilians of yesteryear.
Show your support of ERNST ZUNDEL!
These are sure to sell quickly so order yours today!
EVERY PENNY raised will be used to campaign for and support Ernst Zundel. Watch our web-site for updates and news NEW Final Conflict Blog:
NWN: This guy needs support ! Our nationalist friends in the ITP are supporting this campaign and we are only too happy to support our nationalist comrades.

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Pete R said...

Well done FC for producing this badge - let's make sure that as many nationalists from as many different groups and factions as possible buy one and show their support for Ernst Zundel.

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the London demo on Saturday outside the German Embassy. I never got round to counting heads, but a Bradford BNP comrade counted more than seventy - he tells me this was the largest revisionist demonstration ever held in the UK.

It was good to see so many different groups represented at the demo. Ingrid Zundel sends her thanks, and we've just (this morning) had a letter from Ernst in prison thanking all his British supporters.

I'm in London for another day or two but should be back online and updating the website soon.

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