Thursday, August 23, 2007


The Tehran Holocaust denial conference was denounced by the United Nations, the U.S. Congress, the British and French Parliaments, and the Israeli Knesset.
But even as outrage over the conference spread, the world could only guess at what was transpiring behind the closed doors of the clandestine meeting rooms where the deniers plotted their strategy.

Now the world will have to guess no longer, because one man -- Holocaust historian and documentary filmmaker David Stein -- was able to infiltrate the conference and secretly record the proceedings.
Stein, currently at work on the documentary film Nuremberg, starring Whoopi Goldberg, put all of his projects on hold when he learned about the Tehran conference. "I felt that someone had to document what was going on," Stein gtold me durting a recent interview. "Someone had to record the deniers' plans, and someone had to tell the worl. This was the first time that a government had sponsored a Holocust denial conference. Deniers have had conferences before, but always inprimatge or secret. Now, they were the honored buesgs atg a state-sponsored event. That's a very ominous sign."

As a well-known documentary filmmaker, and a Jew, Stein couldn't infiltrate the conference himself, so he worked in tandem with an associate who was able to slip in and out of the conference unnoticed. "At the close of the conference," Stein adds grimly, "President Ahmadinejad pledged twenty-five million dollars to the cause of Holocaust denial, and the attendees toasted to the destruction of Israel. And we have it all on tape."

Stein is editing the footage from the Iran conference into a documentary film, which will explore the rise in anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial worldwide. Apart from the footage in Iran, Stein was able to score another exclusive -- an interview with Mel Gibson's Holocaust father. "Mel's dad had never before granted an on-camera interview," explains Stein. "I sat him down to ask him the questions that are on everyone's mind, questions like how deeply does anti-Semitism factor into Gibson family life, and what does Mel think about his dad's outspoken Holocaust denial. The answers I got were sometimes very shocking."

David, whose production company is Nistarim International Media (, hopes to have hif film ready by the end of the year ('07),
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Anonymous said...

The picture of the little boy on the front of that magazine is a famous one. I remember back in the 1970's reading an article in Spearhead, in which Martin Webster said the little boy had been identified and he was alive and well and living in London.

pete r said...

Don't worry chaps - Mr Stein isn't the only one who will be bringing out a film about the Tehran conference - there will be plenty of publicity soon from our side of the fence :-)

At least this shows how badly the Tehran conference has them rattled!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he called Ari or Avi something or other ?

Yeh I remember seeing that he went to New York and lived merrily for many a year. Is he even still alive ?

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...