Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A reader sent in this graphic. We wonder what on earth they really mean ?


Anonymous said...

Capone committed every crime known to man but they could never make it stick untill he ballsed up on the money. You reading this Nicky boy? They're coming for you, I told you they would :-)

Anonymous said...

The won't come for Griffin - they own him already.

They'll simply ditch him when he's burnt out.

Anonymous said...

"They'll simply ditch him when he's burnt out."

He's already burnt out. The only ones with any faith in him are those who hope he keeps their dirty grubby little secrets, just as Griffin hopes they'll keep his.

Pete R said...

Capone had an excuse - he was suffering from untreated syphilis.

Anonymous said...

"Capone had an excuse - he was suffering from untreated syphilis."

Griffin could always claim he caught mad cow disease from his pigs but he won't. He'll just blame it all on fall guys, Walker and Hannam for their stupidity and incompetence LMAO

Can't you just hear him infront of the judge?

I had no idea they were thick shits without any accountancy knowledge your honour.

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