Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lewisham 13th.August 1977 - National Front march

Zionist jews show their hand in this pic, that was not shown in wide circulation newspapers nor the mass media.

Martin Savitt, the top jew in the UK ,and leader of the 'Board of Deputies of British Jews', shows their hand due to the NF's electoral charge in 1977.

Zionist jews have been the paymaster of the communist 'rentamob' for many a year. In 1977, they could not still trust the goy communists and anarchists.

After this violent demonstration, Scotland Yard had over two full vans of evidence, of whom had caused this riot on the streets of London. They wanted the organisers, not the small fry.

The SWP led by zionist/trot jews including Paul Holborrow, Steve Jefferys, Jim Nichol, Igael Gluckstein /Tony Cliff and Maurice Ludmer all got away with conspiracy to riot. A charge that could, and should, have led to life prison sentences.

The zionist jew Sam Silkin, who was the Labour Home Secretary at that time, dismissed all the Police's evidence.

This is why the Police then turned against nationalists, rather than the instigator of riots.


Anonymous said...

30 March 2006: Memories from the ANL in Manchester

Not my account this time, but a friend Bernie who helped to organised the Manchester Carnival has just sent in some memories:

'I seem to have a different memory of Lewisham than other people. In terms of music and racism it was one of the most significant events of the whole period in that the NME gave it a 2 page centre spread in a piece written by Tony Parsons and Julie Birchill. That was the first significant piece in any music paper regarding anything political. Look back in the archives and see what the NME or Melody maker wrote about Woodstock. From that point onwards, it was cool to link music / anti-racism / politics and Parsons and Burchill kept it up until late 1978.

The day started outside the Central Library in Manchester whilst we were waiting for our coaches. John someone (SWP militant activist) turned up with four sackloads of chairlegs. He handed these out and then got us to go to the Grand Hotel where the NF were meeting their coaches. We smashed them to smithereens and ruined their day.

When we got to Lewisham the SWP were incredibly well organised. The London comrades had selected a bombsite full of half bricks as the place to attack the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

tonydj said...

Interesting NWN....I'll lay a pound to a Penny (ouch!) that the SWP militant with the chairlegs was just that....John Penney, M/cr Polytechnic lecturer. In 1981 he got 15 months for threatening behaviour/offensive weapons following the kidnapping of a young Nationalist.

tonydj said...

Roger Godsiff is now MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook and against Immigration

bp said...

The reds and this Renton seem to think that throwing bricks and other missiles at a huge and almost stationery target such as a march is some sort of 'victory'. It isnt it is cowardice, its not as though the nationalists could fight back if they wanted to as they were being hemmed in on all sides by police.

It isnt exactly brave chucking rocks at defenceless people.

Besides I heard some of the NF honour guard intercepted red coaches and even a train on that day - let's just say the reds were not so brave then

bp said...

The link talks about RAR and ANL and I think it's true many of the bands that played just did so for the exposure rather than out of commitment. I have also heard that a load of NF went to some of these concerts to see the bands and then joined the NF march later.

As for Joe Strummer his own brother had "nazi" links as did a Clash roadie, Roadent, who later roadied for the Pistols after realising the Clash were a tribute band.

Joe Strummer an idealist? More like an opportunist.

Of course you ANL/RAR got large turn outs when their coach fares were subsidised, any cheaper and they owuld have been paying people to attend

Anonymous said...

Who is the man in dark glasses at the top left of the photo?

He looks familiar from somewhere.

Does anyone recognise him?

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