Friday, September 29, 2006

Who said it ?

All such questions will be decided at the November conference, but the overall structure of the Voting System is not up for debate.

The BNP needs it. It won't wait.

It will be in force for the Annual Conference. And it will be in operation properly from 1st January next year. If anyone isn't happy with that then they don't have to become Voting Members.

And anyone petty enough to resent other people who are prepared to make some formal commitments having a greater say over the direction of the BNP can go and find themselves another, less serious, home.

There's cyberspace for the "hardliners" and cranks who want to go nowhere, and UKIP for the "moderates" who want to go round and round in circles.


Anonymous said...

The same person who preceded the (above) statement with:

"Should employed VMs (Voting Members) pay more each month than the unemployed? Should the amount be £10 each month for those in work? It's logical, but the unemployed can make money through paper sales, while many employed people are these days in such low-paid jobs that they have very little disposable income, as well as less time to get out selling papers. Should contributions be assessed - as the SWP does - on a sliding scale based on income? How many Freedoms does someone with no spare income at all have to sell each month to qualify as a VM?"

This person also said:

"There is, furthermore, a possibility for Branches to have a new post of Fund Raiser, who when attaining a monthly target income from sources outside the party (car-boot sales, door-to-door Freedom rounds etc) would also be exempt from VM dues."


Cash for votes, anyone?

NorthWestNationalists said...

So presumably Students, OAP's, disabled and unemployed, are lower class members then ?

Anonymous said...

Well it does rather lend weight to the adage of some being more equal than others, does it not?

Tacitus said...

It is always difficult to persuade members to donate to their party however loyal they seem.
A well-known nationalist leader once said, "Patriotism stops at the pocket!"
I reckon that he was right!

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