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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Iran BAD? Israel GOOD? Says WHO???

This last week a rather disturbing thing landed on my desk, which left an unpleasant odour in the air. No not a stinky nappy from one of the little FC sprogs, or a Daily Mail piece of Talmudo-drivel dressed up as Western pro-Christian concern from the likes of Melanie Phillips or Ann Leslie (both banshees of the Israel sycophant brigade). [ NWN: Phillips and Leslie ? That's a frightening wonder that poofters exist ! ]

No, this latest piece of gut-wrenchingly putrid faeces came directly from the latest source of all things dubious concerning the ‘War on Terror,’ the newest and most deadliest of poodles of Bush and Blair, because he adorns his quasi-Zionist drivel with minor put downs of the Neo Cons, so as to catch the unawares off guard.

If we are to believe the aforementioned Zionist banshees, whose cries are succour to the baby killers and torturers of the Israeli ‘Defence’ Force (Defence? Has anyone read 1984? – we are in 100% newspeak land), then President Ahmadinejad is Satan on earth. A ‘new Hitler’ no less (after the other ‘New Hitlers’ Slobbo and Saddam who went before him)! He is not only a “holocaust denier”(so surely a ‘Nazi’?), but is also planning nuclear war, is behind terrorism worldwide, and probably had a role in ‘911’ (after all, everyone else the banshees have singled out for attack by their toy goy soldiers has…)

But who should enter the stage and pronounce Ahmadinejad as a mad man?

Someone who really should know better! No, scratch that. Someone who does know better but who has been turned by the smell of shekels.

When Hamas were elected (God Bless democracy!) into office in Palestine, this same person mirrored the Daily Mail Zionists in calling for a cessation of funding of the Palestinian Authority by the European Union.
When the Twin Towers were attacked in a staged event by the N.W.O., this same person agitated for war against Afghanistan.

When Israel illegally invaded Lebanon killing innocent men, women and children by the hundred, this same man allowed one of his lieutenants to publish a piece glorifying Israel, telling ‘patriots’ to support Israel – and more.

So who is this person who is in ideological bed with Phillips and Leslie?

Who is this person who wanted war with Afghanistan?

Who is this person who allowed sycophantic pro-Israel and anti-Lebanese comment on his official website?

Who is this person attacking Ahmadinejad for being revisionist?

Who is this person who says Iran is trying to get nuclear weapons and must be stopped whereas Israel’s illegal WMDs are dismissed as a mere “deterent”?

Rumsfeld? Blair? Cheney? Reid? Mandelson???

Hold on to your hats boys and girls.

It’s the same person who thinks race-mixing is grand, who says that immigration (albeit controlled) adds ‘flavour’ to the UK, and who allows homosexuals in his organisation…

Who could it be? Which Zionist liberal?

Step forward Nicholas Griffin.

For those who disbelieve (shame on you!) here follows two interesting pieces: the first shows that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are peaceful. The second shows that Griffin has sold out to the Zionist right.

Both were originally published in the FC e-zine #2826, dated 19th September.

Keep on having fun y’all!

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