Friday, September 15, 2006

This weekends BNP Advisory (sic) Council meeting

Being as rather a lot about this meeting has already leaked out onto the web, we can comment I suppose.

Will Lecomber get the boot at long last ?

This is long overdue, about 13 years actually.

Certainly SEARCHLIGHT has a central story about all this in this months issue.

But we don't think he will get the chop.

He knows too much about Mr.Griffin and Mr.Griffins peccadillos !

These are something we as a non porn site are not prepared to mention.

Is Sharon Ebanks also to 'get the boot' , due to the BNP's reluctance to pay a lady whom they have already collected monies for, and are more likely to 'sack her', as they are 'strapped for cash' ?

We think she will be favourite to lose her job with the BNP.

Sharon Ebanks has made awful comments against genuine nationalists in public, on the internet, including against John Tyndall.

She has an awful lot of 'bridgebuilding' to do. Nevertheless we are prepared to accept a genuine mistake. We offer our hand of friendship.

There are a few other issues on the agenda.......but we won't be the first to put them up on the web.

We will try to be the first website to put news up, over this coming weekend, as info gets out.


MFI said...

Why has Simon Darby moved to Welshpool ?

St George's Dragon said...


What functions is the BNP Advisory Council supposed to fulfil? (According to the BNP constitution, that is?)

What does it actually do in practice?

Does anyone know what is on the agenda for the forthcoming meeting?

What will happen to Tony Lecomber, given that certain allegations of grave criminality have been made against him? Will his suspension be made permanent, or will he be allowed to remain on board to carry out yet further mischief?

Who is in charge of the money?

How much of the party's money is actually reported in the party accounts?

The party constitution makes it quite clear that Nick Griffin shoulders both criminal and civil responsibilty for everything that the BNP does.

Does that not mean he is very vulnerable to blackmail and other forms of pressure if he could possibly have been less than sqeaky clean in all his dealings?

Especially in all of his financial dealings?

Anonymous said...

MFI asked: "Why has Simon Darby moved to Welshpool ?"

So they can all sing in the same choir. :-)

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