Friday, September 29, 2006

No wins for BNP in tonights by-elections in East Lancashire

In Cribden, Rawtenstall; and East Rural,Blackburn; votes were hard to come by. Turnout looks low.

Cribden Ward
Lab. 391 Lib. 312 Con. 186 BNP 89 (Kev Bryan) Still, a good percentage here.

East Rural Ward
Ind. 209 Con. 201 EFP 99 Lib 91 Lab 75 BNP 70 Again a fair percentage.

In the East Rural Ward the combination of the BNP and the EFP votes were still outside a win. But it has to be said that fighting in this way always confuses the electorate, so it is likely a few other possible votes were lost.

People know this site has no time for Nick Griffin. But we have no time for Mark Cotterill and Peter Rushton of the EFP either !


Anonymous said...

9.1% not a complete disaster for a first time standing, it can be built on.
Come the general election we would be happy with an average of 9.1% accross all wards in Rossendale.

Anonymous said...

The BNP candidate Kev Bryan has much to be joyful about.

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