Friday, September 01, 2006

Stormfront UK Moderators 'bottling it' under orders !

As we predicted, the SF UK moderators are closing anti-Griffin threads like there is no tomorrow on the Stormfront forum. The latest closed thread is about the very spiny issue of Sharon Ebanks being left with a huge legal bill by the BNP, after a collection had apparently been started for her.

We post below the thread closer SF UK moderator Godwinson/Charlie Schmid.

Hang your head in shame, Charles !

It does look like the BNP is skint though doesn't it, and this is within days of the RED/WHITE/BLUE Festival ?

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Re: Sharon Ebanks resigns as BNP forum moderator
Whether or not the legal fees are in fact being paid for out of the fund that was set up for Sharon is a separate issue, and I hope we get an answer, but nobody here who has the facts seems to be sharing and there's no use guessing. That, and this has moved far away from the original subject.

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Ptr said...

Looks like EFP councillor Michael Johnson has just further proved your point.

His Stormfront Britain thread asking whether the forum was now beginning a Griffin-BNP forum has just been closed - very rapidly!

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