Saturday, September 23, 2006

Re-Edited : News article 'COCKED-UP' and filed by the BNP news team

Two horrific attacks on British schoolgirls in the space of a few miles have left two West Yorkshire towns in a state of terror and two sets of distressed and angry families.

This is the violent and brutal reality of life on the fault lines of multiculturalism – an inherently flawed and wicked policy whose advocates should be called to account because it is the politicians and the media commentators who are ultimately responsible for the savage attacks of two British girls.Yesterday(21st) evening in the town of Heckmondwike a 16 year old British schoolgirl was chased a short distance from a filling station to outside the Swan Pub on the town’s Bradford Road where her assailant slashed her throat. Eye witnesses described the attacker as of Asian appearance. The girl was rushed to hospital but was confirmed dead on arrival. Police have confirmed that a 20 year old male has been arrested this afternoon in connection with the attack. This is also confirmed by a local newspaper.

Just three miles away in the town of Batley a five year old infant was gang raped in a savage attack. In our first report today we mentioned the attack happened last night. Our source was incorrect and we felt compelled to pull the story.

However the truth is even more shocking..... having spoken with West Yorkshire Police and other local sources it turns out that this horrific crime took place several days ago and the local media have been sitting on this gruesome story while a gang of child rapists remains at large.

Police have not yet released a description of the attackers but given the recent catalogue of sickening paedophile attacks on schoolgirls in other parts of Yorkshire the belief by locals townsfolk that the perpetrators are Asian youths may prove to be entirely valid.

The third crime is the absence of any mention of these brutal crimes in the national and local media. In the days when newspapers were printed once a day and strict deadlines were necessary, that may have been excusable but now in the age of the Internet and 24hour broadcasting it is to the shame of radio and Internet editors of mainstream broadcasters that they choose to sweep these horrific crimes under the carpet.

Just what the hell is going on ?

Apparently plans are afoot to stage some form of nationalist action in West Yorkshire. Please contact your BNP Organisers for details and support this one.


Anonymous said...

This is a problem with the Griffin BNP, we now lack action.The only demos for the BNP are in support of Griffin in court.

Anonymous said...

I was told today it (the gang rape of a child) happened on the 12th September. The BNP say it was in Batley, and I'm told that their original source was Teletext. Someone who has a TV with Teletext might be able to check it.

HOWEVER, the associated story run by the BNP, of a girl having her throat cut by an Asian, is wrong in many respects. The BNP website claims the victim was 16 and the murder took place in Heckmondwike. A report in today's Yorkshire Post says the victim was 18 and it took place in Liversedge, near Dewsbury.

Although only the BNP website states that the killer was Asian

Anonymous said...

Why, if you hate the BNP so much did you cut and paste this from the BNP website?

NorthWestNationalists said...

To be perfectly honest I am not now sure why we cut and pasted this story. We hope that the little girl part isn't true. The other part, the teenage girl's death unfortunately is, but it might not be a story that we as a party might want to support.

If there is to be a 'demo' it isn't the BNP that is leading any such actions anyway, as demonstrations are frowned on, unless they are in support of Mr.Griffin himself.

Secondly, why was it OK for Mr. Griffin to 'boot me out of the movement', but it is wrong that I want to do the same to him ?

We are against Griffin himself;not the BNP.

You have fallen into the trap that Griffin is the BNP, and the BNP is Griffin. A bit nazi of you that isn't it ?

Griffin ist Deutschland ;

Deutscheland ist Griffin !

You can't have it both ways surely ?

The word hypocrite springs to mind here.

But of course hypocrisy rings through the BNP membership these days.

You cannot even get the BNP's policy from the Regional Officers in the North West on Immigration , because they do not know themselves.

One or indeed both of these gentlemen have no objections to having non-white 'BNP members' attending meetings.

I suggest you read the latest from JULIAN GRAEME on here.You might learn something !

Anonymous said...

Richard Hanson has been charged with her murder. The BNP website made a cock-up claiming it was an Asian.

When the National Front and a handful of British Movement opposed a TUC march for multi racialism in Manchester city centre circa 1978 ...