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27th. November 1992



Part 3 : To the High Court in Manchester........

High Court attempts to force Mr.Pierce and Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council to abide by the Representation of the Peoples Act.

On the 2nd.April 1992 Mr.Ken Henderson applied to a High Court Judge in
chambers , for a Court injunction to force Rochdale's Chief Executive John Pierce and Rochdale Council, to abide by the Representation of the Peoples Act. In effect, to make available to Mr.Henderson suitable premises to have a Public meeting , which is explicit uder that Act.

Initially, the High Court Judge Mr. Justice McKinnon explained that he had never heard of the British National Party.

He asked that a letter from Mr.Henderson containing specific questions to Mr.Pierce be delivered to Mr.Pierce. Justice McKinnon was so incensed with this blatant denial of law that he was prepared to halt a rape case that he was sitting on ,temporarily, so that an injunction could be made.

Another audience with Justic McKinnon was arranged so that any reply from Mr.Pierce would be heard. The BNP contingent consisted of Ken Henderson, Peter Barker and Richard Edmonds.

This letter was delivered at Rochdale Town hall , by hand, at 12.30pm.

Initially, the reception staff thought it was an High Court writ, as did then Rochdale Labour leader and MILITANT supporter Richard Farnell, who just happened to be passing inside the Town hall at the time.

Of course Mr.John Pierce's Office said "he was unavailable".

After waiting at the reception for just over an hour, Mr.Pierces 'wretched' secretary, came down to say that , after contacting Mr.Pierce on his handphone, he would not accept any letter from Mr.Henderson.

Still waiting in the foyer at Rochdale Town hall at 2.30pm, a lady who identified herself as the Town hall manager, asked Mr.Henderson and his two companions, to leave the Town hall, even though she knew we had a letter with specific questions from a High Court Judge for Mr.Pierce.

She said she was going to call the Police.

We told her we wish she would do that.

The lady then walked away, never to be seen again.

It was obvious that we would not be seeing anyone from Rochdale Council that day, so we returned to Manchester Crown Court.

We then got to see Mr.Justice McKinnon again, very quickly.

The mood had changed very quickly too.

As mentioned earlier, Justice McKinnon had said he had never heard of the BNP. This time he said , "This case has caused enough trouble already !"

He further advised us to contact the Secretary of State, to force the Chief Executive, Mr.Pierce to abide by the 'Representation of the Peoples Act'.

We, the British National Party, regard this judgement by Justice McKinnon as a 'gross dereliction of duty', by a High Court judge.

Further, while a General Election is in progress, there are no Members of Parliament, and there are no Secretaries of State either.

Surely an High Court Judge would be very aware of the situation of where power resides in times like this,a General Election, that is what judges rule on, precedent and the 'rule of law' .

We expected unlawful behaviour from Mr.John Pierce, after all he was fighting for his job under pressure from the MILITANT /Labour led Rochdale Council at that time.

But we did not expect an High Court judge to do a disappearing act spouting off such nonsense.

Note: Apart from the local free newspaper the ROCHDALE EXPRESS not one other media medium mentioned this disgraceful denial of democratic rights

The next and final part of this document will hopefully be published next week.

'The final weekend before the General Election - The militant communists cause chaos and riot !'

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