Saturday, September 30, 2006

NWN viewing figures are now ballistic

At the moment it looks like we have over a 10,000 + as a total monthly audience.

This leaves us very much in awe.

We need more staff asap, as we have grown very quickly.

We did have one NWN guy, who went from being a very senior nationalist player, to now being a seller of pamphlets at BNP meetings. He could have been a real major player.

Nonetheless, we are looking for new talent.

We need 'new blood' . We already have our eyes on Independent Nationalist's such as ABYSS and LIBRARIAN.

Librarian is known to us and he is a sound bloke. He met PB when JT was arrested.

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NorthWestNationalists said...

We now have readers from all parts of the globe. Astonishing stuff !

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...