Friday, September 22, 2006

BBC lying again !

Seems I was not the only one who witnessed this TV clip. The below is taken from a post on SF.

Re: 15 year old negro 'executed'
BBC Lunchtime News 22/09/06 Did anyone else see the unbelievable report on the murder of Jesse James on today’s lunchtime news? The BBC ran a story on gun crime in Manchester. They interviewed a group of Manchester 'gunmen' guess what, the gunmen were all white! Their faces were covered and the camera focused onto their hands, which were white. It was unbelievable, even by BBC standards; the viewer was given the impression that gun crime in Manchester is mainly a white problem when of course the opposite is true. -TURNER

Jessie James was a gang member.

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Anonymous said...

I saw that on the BBC national news too. White gun gangs in Moss Side ? That is ridiculous.

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