Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NHS muslim garb will frighten OUR patients !

Modesty gowns for female patients - BBC

The gowns have been designed to comply with religious rules

A gown designed for female Muslim patients who wish to preserve their modesty for religious reasons is being introduced to hospitals in Lancashire.

Can you imagine waking up in hospital after an operation and seeing the picture on the right 'in the flesh '? I am sure that this could/would, bring on a heart attack or stroke to many other NHS patients,both young and old, it certainly would to me.

Once again we see 'political correctness' gone mad. never mind that we, the others might be upset, frightened even.

In my bank, and many other banks, it is not allowed to wear a motorcycle crash helmet, even though you can often see the wearers face. But yet these people can wear these masks in banks that make the LONE RANGER look over dressed.

Even in my local ASDA you can often see people wandering around wearing this Star Wars type garb, but disallow crash helmet wearers from entering.

p.s. Can I have a white gown and make the hood a little bit pointy on the top please !

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