Monday, September 18, 2006

Far - right 7.3% gains in former East Germany

The gains for the NPD (National Party Deutschland) exceeded the 5% threshold and have thus gained at least 5 seats in Mecklenberg-Pomerania. This was done through damned hard slogging and using their heads. They picked up at least another seat in Berlin.

It was NOT done by the modernising and mainstreaming as stated by the BNP's main website;

This is a tremendous victory for those nationalist parties across Europe who are undergoing modernisation and mainstreaming and who are seeing a rise in support as voters witness and experience at first hand the social and economic failures of multiculturalism and globalism and lay the blame fairly and firmly at the feet of the old parties. - BNP

The NPD are as the BNP were, before Nick Griffin drove his 'coach and horses' through the racial aspects of the BNP Party Constitution. They certainly would not like Mr.Lawrence Rustem, who is half Turkish, in their party, let alone him being an elected party Official.


Tacitus said...

"They certainly would not like Mr.Lawrence Rustem, who is half Turkish, in their party, let alone him being an elected party Official."

Let's face it, If John Tyndall were still party leader, people like Rustem would have never been heard of in the BNP!

Anonymous said...

Here in mainland Europe commentaries in the TV news and in the papers is exclusively negative. In the newspaper where I am the opinion talked of “Die Braune Saat” – the brown seedlings – spewing vitriol of the worst sort. I suppose this means that the “System” is getting worried which is a good thing – but expect more repression in these central European, German-speaking countries. The road ahead looks rougher than the one behind us.

Anonymous said...

As much as it breaks my heart to say it, John Tyndall actually let Rustem into the BNP! JT actually told me that, although he regretted admitting him.

NorthWestNationalists said...

I also spoke with JT many times and did discuss this very issue. JT said Rustem was working doing some good work for Lecomber. (That in itself tells us much now, in view of what we now know about Mr.Lecomber).

JT said he allowed Rustem to do the work,in the London area, but NOT be a card carrying BNP member.I might still have the e-mail somewhere.I will have a look.

At the end of the day, JT was as we all are. None of us is perfect.

I am sure that JT would not have allowed Mr.Rustem to 'join', as to do that was, as we have seen, it breaks the BNP Party Constitution.

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