Monday, September 04, 2006

One year later
by Julian Graeme

We are now just over one year on from that horrendous day in which Britain suffered the worst terror attack in its history. 52 innocent people lost their lives due to the actions of four Moslem suicide bombers.
Very little has changed; the government’s multi-faith propaganda machine is still working at maximum capacity.

We are still being told that Islam means peace but in the real world, Islam means submission.

Jihad had been declared against Britain and the rest of the western world but instead of combating the root causes of Jihad and deporting those so-called clerics who preach death and hatred in the mosques, our government has instead embarked on a population re-education programme using totalitarian methods and the threat of a lengthy jail sentence just for speaking out against the wrongs of current events.

Every week we hear of some honest and dedicated nationalist being “investigated” for committing a new and ever more bizarre “hate” crime. How long must we carry on like this?

Earlier this year on the 3rd of February, a large group of Moslems took to the streets of our capital city; most had their faces covered, some were carrying placards promising death to anyone who opposes Islam.

Others were shouting similar promises through megaphones.

The police, instead of arresting the people who were, at best, committing the crime of incitement to murder, protected them.

Passing motorists who stopped and raised their concerns were given a stern telling off by police; luckily press footage captured one such telling off and was aired on national television.

One of the Moslem protesters (a convicted drug dealer out on license) was dressed as a suicide bomber, yet still the police only picked on members of the public who raised concern about what they were witnessing. Later, due to over 500 complaints from members of the public, the police issued a statement advising everyone that they were taking photographs. All this was caused by a few cartoons.

Since 7/7 the police and security services have managed to foil a number of planned terrorist attacks but admit that because of the large number constantly being planned, it is only a matter of time before one slips through the net.

Yet the propaganda machine then comes back into action telling us how wonderful the Moslem community is and how they are working with the police.

This government propaganda machine has been noticed by a significant number of the general public and it is pushing them towards Nationalism.

A lot has happened in British Nationalism since that horrific day in London one year ago.

The British National Party is getting stronger all the time and now holds claim to over fifty local council seats. Its leader, Nick Griffin, along with Mark Collett, were acquitted on half of the charges against them and the jury was undecided on the other charges. This gave the BNP unprecedented media coverage and brought the spotlight onto what nationalism is really about.

A few months later came the local council elections and once again the media put a spotlight onto another Nationalist party, the National Front, which has apparently infiltrated UKIP.

Then again, within a few weeks, the BNP was in the news again as Labour MP Margaret Hodge declared that eight out of ten people in her constituency would consider voting for the BNP, that was Barking and Dagenham; the place where Richard Barnbrook’s team became the official opposition.

Most of the success that British Nationalism has enjoyed since the bombs went off has been down to people being sick and tired of the obvious lies that the mainstream media is constantly feeding them together with the media promotion of the BNP and the hard work of dedicated activists.

What a pity, however, that the BNP has decided to support the evil bandit state of Israel over the displaced Palestinians.

They support the jewish terror bombing of women and children in the Lebanon, and are already welcoming jews into the ranks of the party, and in some cases, promoting them to positions of authority!

The BNP leadership is rapidly turning the party into a shadow of it's former self in its quest for more and more votes at election times.Doesn’t the leadership realise that these moves are costing votes rather than increasing their chances of success? Doesn’t it comprehend that the party members will become disenchanted? Surely, it’s time that this misguided leadership was replaced by staunch nationalists and the BNP returned to follow its former policies.

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