Saturday, September 09, 2006

Boy 'executed' in city shooting

Schoolboy Jessie James was studying for his GCSEs

A 15-year-old boy who was shot dead in Manchester may have been killed in a planned execution, according to Greater Manchester Police.

Jessie James was gunned down in the early hours of Saturday close to a public park in Moss Side.

No we didn't spoof the lads name is Jessie James !


Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the headline 15 yr old shot dead I knew it, Moss Side and blacks.

Guns don't kill people ******* do !

Pat Garrett said...

Well I'm not getting the blame this time.

Anonymous said...

Is that picture not Steven Lawrence or Damilola Taylor ? I haven't heard anything about these two for at least a week via the media.

Maybe we have a Saint Jessie now to compensate for the Saint Anthony Walker at the other end of the east lancs Road.

Anonymous said...

No its kunte kinte !

Anonymous said...

Nah its Rastus o dinga , o dinga you have there.

Anonymous said...

Its filmstar 'steppin fetchit' surely ?

Anonymous said...

Seen on VNN forum

The ballad of Jessie James

Jessie James cycled around town,
Delivering drugs to earn his pounds,
He met with men who were also brown,
Then he heard some popping sounds,
From his assasins gunshot rounds,
His negroe brothers had shot him down,
Beside his bike he lay on the ground!

The sherriff came and the sherriff said,
Who filled young Jessie's head with lead?
We'll find those varmints who shot him dead,
And left him in a bloody pool so red,


Anonymous said...

"Maybe we have a Saint Jessie now"
No! he can only achieve Saint hood if he was killed by a white, not if killed by one of his own.
Strange I still think St Steven was killed by one of his own, although the cops and the media keep inventing lies in their desperation to frame those lads.
What happened to that last pile of dung they tried to invent? that one seems to have disapeared straight back down the loo!

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