Monday, September 04, 2006

Evil...for Now

Is Russia evil, or not?

Well, that may depend on which Russian era a pro-Jewish website - like this one below - refers to. For example:

1. For years, Russia was Bad For Jews [i.e., the "anti-Semitic," pre-1917 czar era].

2. But later, it was Good For Jews [the early and middle Soviet era, which Jews themselves created, e.g., Trotsky. In fact, the Soviet Union was the first state built by Jews - a key historical event. Most Jews in the world saw the Soviet Union as a godsend, since it outlawed "anti-Semitism"].

3. Then later, it was Bad For Jews again [the late Soviet era, after Stalin got wise to them and purged many Jewish officials, e.g., Radek and Kamenev].

4. Now, it's still Bad For Jews, since Putin won't play silly policy games in which the rules are pre-fabricated by global Jewry.

Bad, good, bad, bad...oh, the shifting sands of Jewish fortune...but at least the Jews can take comfort in knowing that they have one powerful, gentile country on a leash: America.

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