Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stormfront UK deleting posts on BNP's current financial position

JJT/Andy Robertson is deleting posts about the BNP's obvious financial failings with 'great gusto' tonight.

We understand that the accounts left with the Accounts Commission are startling and full of holes.We said recently that the BNP is broke. It does appear to be so.

For the future, we must ensure that any bankrupts such as Mr.Griffin, be not allowed to go anywhere near party funds.

Bankrupts are not allowed to run businesses, but ARE allowed to lead political parties.


tarquin fin tim lim bim said...

Local BNP branches and regions must ensure that their funds are not filched by BNP HQ to ensure the 'lubrication of the wheels.'

Tacitus said...

The financial position has changed somewhat since I was a member.
As long as I can recall, right from the creation of the BNP, each branch was responsible for its own expenses and was expected to be solvent at all times. The only input from HQ was at election times and occasionally for approved local demonstrations.
This method worked very well; there was little or no drain on central party finances. Members were expected to donate a little at every branch meeting and to take at least one copy of Spearhead each issue.
In those days, there were only three full-time paid officers and even regional organisers did the job voluntarily.
For my part, I never claimed expenses when invited to speak unless the journey was over 100 miles away. Even then, as often as not, I bore the cost myself.

bread rubber said...

Why do you keep naming JJT he is a nationalist isn't he ?

John Tyndall said...

JJT/Robertson gave officially almost £5,000 to the BNP last year according to the records. He gives about the same to Don Black for Stormfront.

Is the BNP so cheap to run ?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone worked out who the real author of the article 'Unsettling Accounts by E. N. Ronn'?
Andy Ritchie mentions Mike Newland in one breath but in the next says it is not him. Get you copy of Heritage & Destiny to see the final version and find out who the author is.

NorthWestNationalists said...

It could be Newlands, but it could be a number of other people too.

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