Friday, September 08, 2006

VNN UK - now we know why...........

Nick Griffin visited Pete/SID Williamson the UK VNN moderator, in Brighton, the week before the RWB. Williamson is being used/paid, to stop any questions being asked about Mr. Griffin and his machinations/scams.

(The Internet is something that Herr Griffin hates with a passion, hence the control he has exerted over BNP websites and the closing of them, the control of messageboards such as Stormfront, the BNP members own forum and now VNN UK.)

He Williamson, has admitted that in the latest on the VNN UK section.

"Yes I would have pulled this thread, I would have regardless of which nationalist group leader it was aimed at. I have been trying to stop all this destructive criticism of our nationalism from happening here..."

Williamson now calls himself 'For Britain' ; the UK moderator .

We also understand that VNN itself is pretty 'maffed off 'with Mr.Williamson's very strange defection into the ideological free zone of the current BNP.

But now for some good news.............Eddy Morrison has taken BOTH his BPP members into a BPP forum, so that they can talk endlessly about heaven knows what.

The strangest thing of all though is that EFP Cllr. Mark Cotterill is listed as a speaker at a forthcoming BPP meeting in the North of England.

Now what is that all about ?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr Cotteril wants to educate the BPP on the wonders of race mixing, afterall the EFP have first hand experience on the subject!

Anonymous said...

It's been a remarkable turnaround, hasn't it?

Sid Williamson is now the willing lackey of Nick Griffin, the BNP Chairman whose own recent conversion to Zionism is arousing much Internet chatter.

What the two have in common is that both of them always thought they were entitled to more money than they actually had.

Who is funding Griffin?

ITK said...

"...Eddy Morrison has taken BOTH his BPP members into a BPP forum "

Double the numbers I though were involved LOL

NorthWestNationalists said...

We looked at the new BPP forum today, and we saw only TWO people signed up for it.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jackson said he does not think that people like Pete/SID Williamson , with no pedigree , should dictate policy.

Williamson has not been in the movement for 2 minutes really.

Anonymous said...

Eddy Morrison hasn't been in the BPP for years. He's not in the NF either. He seems to have disappeared totally from the scene.

Anonymous said...

Eddy Morrison isn't in any party. Last I heard he packed it all in for good.

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