Friday, September 29, 2006

Freshers and University Students !

Our advice is to keep your political thoughts to yourselves throughout your studies, but be aware of the others. Take note of any anti British political groups on campus, and if possible, relay the information out to a BNP internet contact.

Even after graduating, keep your politics to yourself . When you have become a success, then you can emerge and help the movement in a public manner. You can help in any number of ways prior to this anyway.

Do NOT allow yourself to be talked into being the 'public face' of the BNP Students section. You will have 'enough on your plate' studying, you do not need to have demonstrations outside every lecture you have, and needing a bodyguard to go everywhere with you . Your studies will suffer if you take this route. Others have found this to their cost.

The BNP should set up a student support network that allows students to meet with local officials and activists from time to time. These should be outside campuses and would be a two way thing whereby students would gain political experience and advice plus give out the latest nationalist developments. BNP Officials would be able to act as a form of mentor, and give support and local guidance to someone who may be living many miles from home and family. The social aspects would be immense for both sides too.

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Tony was shit on !

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...