Friday, September 01, 2006

Lancaster UAF wishes us all the best eh ?

We wish them all the best too. But either they are naive new reds, or they are playing 'Devils advocate' here.

Unless of course the said 'reds' oppose zionism, as much as we do.

We think though that their alleged support for us, is so that they hope that we can be alleged to be their allies. or their preferred choice.

Clever, but not clever enough .

We have never deviated from original BNP Policy. Griffin on the other hand, as changed policy to allow non-whites to join the BNP.

So whom is more truthful to BNP white nationalist party policy ?

"All of this has caused and will cause a whole bunch of problems for Griffin and his little gang of chums at the top of the party. Disgruntled members will be watching very closely and won't miss an apportunity to have a go at Griffin and the appalling Barnes whenever the opportunity arises. More power to them."

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Posted: Aug 26 2006, 10:49 PM

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Not exclusively mine but I look after the Lancaster UAF blog. As you can see, we use a lot of items straight off the news feeds but there's a bunch of original articles tucked away in there too. --------------------

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Anonymous said...

Yo, that little old fat wine drinker eddy morrison is back again. He is well funny. Stupid but funny.

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