Saturday, September 23, 2006

We have never heard of this woman, but being as everyone else seems to have an opinion, we thought we would 'check her out'.

The main BNP website has an opinion, so it is no wonder that real nationalists have a different opinion nowadays. SHE WAS ANTI MUSLIM and that is all ! So that is why the zionist BNP support her on their main website.

By George Lenz

Recently, Orianna Fallaci, a well-known feminist and communist writer, died.

She was quite an ordinary communist propagandeur, who hated men and spread communist and jewish propaganda by interviewing jewish and communist politicians, including Deng Xiaping and Henry Kissinger. She supported their accessions to power and every kind of disastrous policy jews, masons and democrats have inflicted on White society, celebrating each of their perversions, and hating and ridiculing those few brave White men, who opposed them. She was always fond of each colored or jew she interviewed.

For some reason, late in her career, she grew displeased with one category of the coloreds invading European shores – the Muslims. Their faith was an object of hatred for her: probably she wasn’t happy about those healthy and fundamentally sound policies Muslims have in relation to their women. Many illuminating and emotional anti-Muslim speeches followed, and she even had to pay a fine over some of them, yet she never attacked the jews and communists who brought the plague of multiculturism and mass colored immigration to Europe in the first place.

To her credit, she stood up to Muslims up to her death, and generally told the truth about them. Yet her sad story remains a story of a fallen woman, who, lured by false promises of feminism, decided to disobey the time-tested truth of her father and mother about the natural role of sexes in the European society.

She discarded the White man, her natural protector and benefactor, in favor of jew and colored, only to become disgusted at the end; but it was too late for her.

Thus the best obituary for her should read like this: if one mixes with rabid dogs, one is going to get bitten.

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Anonymous said...

Good riddance to the bolshie Zionist tart.

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