Saturday, September 09, 2006

Holocaust riot & bonnie baby competition - Rochdale

We just had to share these two pieces/gems, from the ROCHDALE OBSERVER, Wednesday 6th.September 2006.

The first is the 'riot' that broke out at Buckley Hall Prison in Rochdale. There was to be an ANNE FRANK Exhibition and a lecture from an holocaust survivor. That must have been too much for the inmates to stomach .

Secondly, the picture of the winner of the Rochdale 'bonnie baby competition' last year, is shown below.

Hell, there must be some ugly kids in Rochdale.

Mind you, the ROCHDALE OBSERVER awarded the MOTHERS DAY competition to a bloke a couple of years ago.

The bloke is a trans-sexual who has had his bits lopped off .

He is now living with a drag artist , homosexual , who teaches at Rochdale College.

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ntl said...

That kid is ugly !

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