Friday, September 01, 2006

BNP stalwart Keith Axon proscribed yet again

Poor old Keith, a nationalist from the 'old school', and close friend of BNP legend John Tyndall.

Keith was the West Midlands Regional BNP organiser for many a year.

We hear that Keith has been proscribed by the BNP for posting on Stormfront UK.

What errant nonsense !


NorthWestNationalists said...

JohnJoyTree/Andy Robertson, has now closed the thread on SF about Keith's plight.

The Griffinite BNP don't want any more dsicussion on this issue you see, that is how they operate.

As we mentioned in an earlier thread, just look at and count the number of closed threads on the SF UK forum !

The members are revolting .

Mr Griffin has been quoted using that very famous phrase by Kenneth Williams in that CARRY ON film....

"Infamy, infamy......they have all got it infamy !"

Graeme said...

I have known Keith Axon for many a year. He was one of the very first Regional Organizers appointed by JT only a few days after the forming of the BNP.
I spoke in Birmingham shortly afterwards and was surprised to find a very active and enthusiastic branch there. That was Keith. He got stuck in straight away and created a successful group in the West Midlands.

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