Saturday, September 09, 2006

Activists needed in Rossendale ASAP please !

Please contact Rochdale BNP to help Kev Bryan fight this seat in Rossendale.

Mr. Bryan is not a liberal BNP activist, he is one that this website supports.

CRIBDEN ward residents will go to the polls later this month to elect their new representative.

There are four candidates for the by-election on 28 September, brought about after Liberal Democrat Philip Young stood down following the May elections, after he took up a management post with Rochdale Council that prevented him from holding political office.

The new councillor will join Councillor Janet Graham to represent the ward.

The candidates are Kevin Bryan (British National Party), Helen Marsden (Conservative), Christine Gill (Labour), and Bob Sheffield (Liberal Democrat), three of whom stood in the May elections.


Anonymous said...

Don't let Andy Wearden hold the money !

Graeme said...

Kevin Bryan?
Is this the same Kevin Bryan who was at one time Newark org?

Anonymous said...

Kev Bryan sways with the wind.

He could be a nationalist leader if he wanted.

But he is a bit soft.

Anonymous said...

"Is this the same Kevin Bryan who was at one time Newark org?"


Anonymous said...

"But he is a bit soft"

Soft! definatly not,
sensable! yes,
In this game you have to box clever!

Anonymous said...

Four throw their hats into by-election ring
By Nafeesa Shan
FOUR candidates are in the running for a Rossendale by-election following the resign-ation of a Liberal Democrat councillor.

Cribden ward represent-ative Coun Phillip Young, who resigned in mid August, was the only Liberal Democrat on the council.

The four candidates for the September 28 poll are Kevin Bryan, BNP; Helen Marsden, Conservative; Christine Gill, Labour; and Robert Sheffield, Liberal Democrat.

Helen Marsden has lived in Rawtenstall tall her life and said: "I am approachable and will take on board the problems people in the area have.

"I want to concentrate on improving the area and to pay particular attention small things because, after all, it is the little things that irritate people.

"The town is part of a regeneration scheme and I want to make sure that its effects are lasting for future generations. Everything I do will be for the local people by a local person."

Christine Gill, who has lived in the Cribden ward for the last 27 years and serves on the governing committee at St James the Less pre-school, which she started as a playgroup with friends 25 years ago, said: "I have always had a keen interest in local issues and I am becoming more and more involved in needs such as local traffic problems and safety, and also the regeneration of Rawtenstall town centre.

"My heart is firmly rooted in the Valley and I will do my utmost to listen and act for you."

Mr Sheffield, who only entered into politics in January, said: "I am very concerned about the traffic problems. They are having a knock-on effect on the ward I am standing for. The number of traffic lights cropping up are causing concern.

"We have to target local issues for the people of Cribden. I want to make a difference, if you don't ask you don't get."

Mr Bryan lives with his partner and seven-year-old daughter in Rossendale, He said: "I have been involved in politics from being 19-years-old and I consider myself to be a down-to-earth person who can approach people.

"I would want people to feel they can approach me about their concerns and local issues such as litter and housing and social issues. I would help anyone with a genuine problem."

Polling hours will be 7am to 10pm and all electors in the ward will have the choice of voting in a polling station or by post.

11:26am today

Anonymous said...

It would be better NOT to highlight KB as hardline. The less the pro-Israel faction knows, the better.

Anonymous said...

I dont think KB is to upset about upsetting the pro-Israel faction.
KB has never been a fan of these people and will never trust them, no matter how much Zionist loving nationalists try and convince us to trust them.
KB is hardline, but he is also sensible.
He looks after one of the strongest groups in the North West and will not accept meddling from Liberal newcomers.Remember ML from London!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...