Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why did Nick Griffin and his group join us in the BNP ?

Why did 'they' not start their own party ?

They joined us and changed us !


Anonymous said...

On the World stage today we have all this fuss about Jews rights to a homeland, Palestians rights to their homeland, Blacks rights, muslims rights etc etc.
In all this furore the rights of native Gentiles has become non existant. Whilst I find the idea of racial purity as going to extremes, the BNP should stay quite simply about the rights of indigenous British gentiles to our native homelands.
Our politics should be free from Jewish, muslim, Sikh or any other interferance of an imported nature.

Jesus said render unto Caesar what is Caesars, he did not say don't support that Octavius because he nails people to crosses by the side of the road, support Julias instead because he is a very nice man, a very nice man indead.

Considering the British where in India for around 300yrs what we should be comparing is how many British people there are represented in Indias politics, considering it is a continent numbering in the Billions, compare with Britons population and the number of Indians represented in our politics.
If you do not retain the right to keep all our future councilors and politicians British Gentiles then the BNP is in danger of becoming like the SNP and even though I like some of Nicks modernisations of the party, if he sides with Sikhs over his own he could well be better off in mainstream politics.

Anonymous said...

Griffin was used to topple Tyndall and to turn the BNP into a government controlled safety-valve.

Anonymous said...

Who is Griffins group? Considering Tony Lecomber was the one who got Griffin elected and is no longer a member - what do you mean ?

NorthWestNationalists said...

'Anon' you really need to do some studying. Most of Griffins help/support comes from without the BNP rather than within. Griffins circles includes New York Rabbi Meyer Schiller, zionist Babs Amiel, and the 'sell outs' such as Don Black and Jared Taylor in the USA.Le Pens daughter in France and her links to zionist groups,.

Griffin also seems to have stuck to many of his old THIRD WAY chums. As predicted by us here at NWN, Graham Williamson has now 'popped up' and receiving a wage from the BNP, no doubt Patrick Harrington is seeking a soft job also hence all the trouble in SOLIDARITY.

You might also check out the RIGHT NOW people, and other reactionary tory groups such as Bloombury forum, for the hidden hands of the BNP takeover/hijacking.

There above you will find the group behind Nick Griffin. The BNP is a 'top down' party, it does not want ideas from the BNP membership hence the banning of all AGM style meetings as soon as Griffin got elected in 1999.

They thought that by expelling John Tyndall, all their troubles would be over. JT is no longer with us - but his ideas certainly are !

Old BNP said...

Grffin was sick of chopping down trees, like a Jew, he dislikes physical manual labour.

JT gave Griffin a break when he came crying to him to join the party. Being the gentleman that he was JT allowed this time server back into the ranks of British Nationalism. Gave him the editorship of SPEARHEAD.

How did Griffin repay JT by sticking a rather large knife in his back, lied to the membership about "openess" and with his cohort Tony "Wells" Lacomber took over the BNP.

But as they say, "The jig is up" for Nicholas Griffin. Time is not on his side, the party needs change and a new leader if we have any hope of winning our country back from the hordes now invading it.

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