Sunday, July 01, 2007

Griffin rigs BNP Leadership Election
Latest news from the Chris Jackson camp, is the attempt by Griffin to charge this election through in 3 weeks !
Some people have posted on StormfrontUK, a Griffin controlled forum, that Chris needs to get his message out ! He can avail himself of what facilities exactly, as Griffin has made all avenues to be banned for Chris Jackson's leadership bid ?
Some 'wag' has suggested it all sounds like an election run in North Korea, how very apt.
Mike Easter and Chris Jackson have told Griffin, in no uncertain terms, that this timescale is not on for a fair election to be held.
Certainly, the Griffin psycophants have kept any info on this leadership election from being heard and have until this last few days even suggested that there is no leadership election. Andy Robertson/JJT and the other pro-Griffin Stormfront UK moderators have constantly pulled threads debating this leadership challenge.
We understand that Chris Jackson is to seek legal help now in this corrupt affair.
BNP Leadership Election date set for Thursday 26th July
The constitution of the BNP has since its foundation in 1982 provided for an opportunity for a ‘one-man, one-vote’ leadership election in any year when a suitably qualified candidate wishes to stand. In most years there has been no such challenge, with the only previous one having been by Nick Griffin, against the then leader John Tyndall, in 1999.This year BNP Head Office received a valid set of nomination papers from Chris Jackson. Mr. Jackson, who lives in Todmorden, is a former North West regional organiser and is a well-known activist within the region.Current party leader Nick Griffin has indicated that he aims to continue in this position, so a secret ballot of all BNP members who were paid up as of 30th June will be held in order to choose the BNP’s leader for the next year at least. While members will have their own opinions as to whether or not a change of leader is necessary, all will agree that this opportunity to prove once again the BNP’s commitment to democracy will be another welcome step in the ‘normalisation’ of the party.


Anonymous said...

Just what is NG doing setting and running all these little busineses via the BNP?

Political parties, their members and leaders, should focus on political activity...that is getting support and votes as a means to getting power to implement policy.

They should NOT go into business.

Most new businesses fail...and do so within a year.

It is therefore best for political parties to let tried and tested businessmen and women get on with making money and running successful businesses.

Political parties should ask those successful businesses for financial support.

This is obvious.

Who do you want to play in the England football team?

Nick Griffin or Wayne Rooney?

And who do you want to run a business?

Dyson (who built up his vacuum cleaner business from nothing to being worth over 200 million quid) or Nick Griffin, who has a history of failing at business?

Let the financial goal scorers loose on the business playing field and keep the financial equivalents of one legged, blind eskimos in the financial equivalent of their igloos!

What is the motive of Griffin?

To get more support or to make money?

He, like all other party members, should focus on increasing the support for the party.

youdontknowme said...

I support Griffin but I thought it was dodgy when I read it too. I said so on my blog.

At the very least it should be left until after the conference where the two candidates can have a debate.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has made it clear, there will be no debate!
Democracy in the BNP! try and find it.

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