Thursday, July 12, 2007

More corruption in BNP leadership challenge

NWN: The below is contained in the BNP members bulletin BRITISH NATIONALIST for voting for the leader, the below shows that even this was rigged.

Kenny Smith allowed Nick Griffin to see Chris Jacksons statement before writing his own .

It is obvious by looking at Griffins statement.

Also, NWN knows that Smith only pointed out and changed TWO minor points and changes to Griffins statement; but that he made SEVEN changes to Chris Jackson's statement


Submitted statement:

For Chris Jackson;

Chris Jackson, 39, who is chairman of the BNP Reform Group and was NW Regional Organiser from 95 to 03, is standing for leadership of the Party.

In the opinion of the Reform Group, the Party needs a proper Structure and a Constitution that is recognisable under English law as normal for an association.

Under the current Constitution the Party is run effectively as a dictatorship – the elected Chairman appoints all officials and makes all major decisions. There are no checks or balances.

In particular, the Chairman authorises the spending of Party money.

He also appoints the Treasurer and Auditor. This is quite contrary to established, prudent, practice.

Chris and the Reform Group believe that having this election is the only way to bring this state of affairs to the notice of Party members.

In our opinion, debate and discussion on the reform of the Party is deliberately stifled by the current Party Chairman.

In our view, this election is being rushed through at high speed with just this in mind.

The precedent set at the last election was a campaign of 3 months.

We believe that this rush is contrary to the Party Constitution, section 4,4 – (“.. compliance with the letter and spirit..”).

Contact Chris on, or PO Box 83 , Tonbridge TN9 1YN .

For Nick Griffin;

Submitted statement:

“The old BNP won one council seat; we now hold over 65. The old BNP was a political bad joke; now Labour MPs admit that we have 15% of the popular vote and the BBC accepts that we can no longer be ignored.

“The organisation I took over was a shambles – two members’ bulletins a year, no Organisers’ bulletin at all, and an almost total lack of structure. The then leader handled all the money and never produced accounts.

“Today our finances are handled by a Treasury team, and every penny is checked by independent professional auditors. New departments such as Group Development and Group Support are steadily building a powerful nationwide organisation.

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