Monday, July 02, 2007

Nick Cass the BNP elections officer ?

After seeing this statement carried by the Britain Forward blog, Cass should immediately relinquish this returning officer role and leave it for an unbiased BNP member, or at least one whom both candidates can trust.

Dear Sir,Can i ask you what this website is aiming to achieve? I do not agree with either the Britainforward website or the britainbackward website. In my opinion this leadership challenge should be fought with integrity and honesty.If Chris Jackson feels he can do a better job than Nick Griffin then let him have a go at proving it without third parties getting involved spreading false rumours and nonsense. I believe anyone has a right to challenge for leadership but only with the right intentions. These intentions are to further our cause and achieve our goal of power in our own nation, and not out of spite, hatred or jealousy as i feel is the case this time.(NWN: Emphasis) I wont even begin to address any of the subjects you write about as they are irrelevant to how this challenge is fought.You have to admit the BNP has been successful. Not as successful as we want, but more so than ever before. I personally don't think Chris Jackson will be a better leader or is capable of being a better leader than Nick. Nick griffin has been the best leader this party has had and is currently the best leader the party can find.I find it insulting to be labelled a 'yes' man because i am part of the party's staff. I say yes to nobody unless i believe its the right decision, and only after discussion will i backtrack on my decision. I am a hard nosed Yorkshire man not some wimp!You are insulting a lot of people who work tirelessly for the party with the best intentions at heart, either volunteers or staff who on a peanuts wage have to deal with an increasing amount of pressure and workload. The party's staff work miracles on the budget we have, they deserve congratulations not ridicule. The organisation is not perfect but which is? Every department is improving and members of staff are learning and fine tuning the organisation. This is the important thing. But one thing is for sure, it is a damn site better than it has been under any previous leadership, and its a damn site bigger.When the right man for the job comes along, i know Nick Griffin will gladly step down, just as all true nationalists will do when its their time. And then I along with the people who care about this party and its aims which include its membership and its staff will back the new blood as we work towards winning our country back. Until this happens we will support out of loyalty to our party and our noble cause and not out of personal loyalty to Nick griffin the best man for the job, and i have no doubt who that is.RegardsNick CassBNP Party manager
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NorthWestNationalists said...

Nick Cass wrote this and lied to get his sorry arse away from it.

Sorry Nick Cass, apparently you are too thick to win this argument and hence why Griffin likes you so much.

Here, you were related to whom ?

The ex- fuhrer for Dewsbury ?

Mr. Wilson !

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