Thursday, July 12, 2007

Keith Brown funeral fund

This site would like to help the family of Keith Brown at this very bad time for them. We are trying to contact friends in the Stoke on Trent area, so that funds to help the family pay for his funeral can be sent. The family should not have the worry or burden of the expense. This should be the very least nationalists should offer to the family.

If anyone is in close contact with the family, can they please e-mail us so that we can have all donations and so on, sent to a local address ? When we receive an address, we will post it on this site for readers to donate if they wish, and/or send messages and cards of condolence.


John said...

I will donate £10 to help this BNP member.

Anonymous said...

£10 from Oldham.

pj said...

£20 from Rochdale.

Any nationalists, patriots and loyalists in London and South East want to shout Booooooooooo?