Thursday, July 05, 2007

Vote Lib Dem and vote for this lot !

Does anyone know what this Lib Dem leaflet that is being distributed in Blackburn means ? Heavens above what a load of bosh. Any British people who vote for this, needs sectioning.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I know what it means.

"Bend over and let me lick your arse Mr. Muzzy, because I'm a patronising white liberal democrat and it gives me a sense of power that I otherwise would not have to help you now that you have forgotten how or never learned to wipe it yourself!"

We should distribute these leaflets to the voters everywhere, not just Burnley.

NorthWestNationalists said...

I had to get my magnifying glass out to find any English on the two side leaflet.Right at the bottom of the second side there is ;

Published on behalf of Lib Dem candidates in;

Shear Brow,Bastwell,
Corporation and Wensley Fold wards at 155,Buncer Lane, Blackburn

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...