Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BNP Leadership election farce .......................
NWN: What sort of election/game is it, where one of the contestants tells the other contestant the rules they are to play by ? That is exactly what Nick Griffin is saying in the below e-mail to Mike Easter.


Email from Nick Griffin to Mike Easter 30th June 2007
Michael Easter Esq

Campaign Manager

Chris Jackson leadership election campaign

Dear Mr Easter

Following receipt of Mr Jackson's nomination papers for the 2007 BNP leadership election, and the close of nominations, I write to set out the way in which the contest will be run.

In setting this I am mindful of two key aims:
To ensure that the process is both fair and seen to be fair; and to minimise the opportunities for troublemakers to damage the party.

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Anonymous said...

yeah right Nick, and the cheques in the post I presume..........

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