Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hull left to rot - British people first say nationalists !

With the local leader of Hull Council stating that Hull is a forgotten town - where 10,500 homes have been flooded and circa 30,000 people left homeless, how comforting for all the people there to know that the terror threat has now been reduced from "critical.
"Whilst Gordon Brown and umpteen politicians have warbled on about the "terrorist threat" after a car was driven into some doors... 30,000 have been left homeless in Hull, just one of the towns affected by the recent floods, which cut a swathe from East Yorkshire right through the Midlands to the area around the River Severn in the South West.
With estimates of £200,000,000 worth of damage in Hull alone, and 2 years of work ahead to rebuild and fix the damage done - and (as in other areas) thousands of families facing temporary housing possibly until 2008, plus the disruption to schools of a similar magnitude - one wonders why the government has been so lax in helping its people?
Gordon Brown said the priority for government is protecting the people.
Shame the people of Hull don't seem to count!
Still - at least we are safe now from a handful of loons who burnt a few doors!
Onwards with the New World Order!!!

['Stolen' from the ITP website: (on our links on the right column) ]

NWN : Isn't that criminal pugilist and adulterer, the Deputy Prime Minister an MP for Hull ?
The Government should have had the Army in to get rid of the water.
But of course, the Army is too busy fighting too many wars for Tony Blair and the Zionist World government.
No help then for British people.
In Holland, they are gaining land from the sea . So why are we losing land due to neglect ?


Anonymous said...

Funny isent it that when the Negro riddled New Orleans was flooded there were cries for the world to help, Bush promised millions in aid.
We saw footage of groids running around looting, robbing and possibly much worse, the zionist controlled media tryed to play on White mans guilt! but when our own mainly white city of Hull is flooded the silence is deafening!

mad hatter said...

I read that some of the victims of the floods have also been burgled. Disgusting.

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