Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pro- Chris Jackson meetings this weekend

If you can, please attend any in your area. For the sake of white British nationalism we need to 'kick the cuckoo out of the nest'.
Griffin has 'sold his soul' to the zionists.
We are especially turning our eye to Griffins old chums in the Third way. This further Pat Harrington debacle, and his close links to 'Scotty' from the North East needs some examination.
Probably next they will dredge up Graham Williamson from the Third Way.
All the Third Way bods are half wits,
judge for yourself:
Brother Malcolm
Dedicated to Malcolm X and radical black nationalism. Learn more about the struggles of our black comrades.
Abdul Alkalimat, ed., Malcolm X: A Research Site (launched May 19, 1999: University of Toledo and Twenty-first Century Books)
Brother malcolm x ?
It's all on the below link.
No wonder Griffin found some black supremacists to support him when he was on race charges in circa 1998.
This site will post an advertisement in support of Chris Jackson this coming week.
NWN: Griffins secret group have this website:

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