Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dagenham BNP demo a 'balls up' ?

A thread on Stormfront UK suggests that this is so.

What we have, ladies and gentlemen, is a crisis of confidence in the BNP.

We even have a situation where the BNP leadership contender Chris Jackson, was told he is banned from a BNP meeting in Bury, only last week.

Dave Jones told Chris Jackson he was 'persona non grata'. Dave is a very clever man, and ought to know better.

Chris said he was going to the meeting anyway.

Chris wanted to meet with BNP 'lemon' Ian Dawson from York. Dawson is a 'total fruitcake' and was seen selling his own version of God on a BNP stall last year. Is this what the BNP has now become ?

Make no mistake this writer is a Christian himself. But the mixing of religion and politics , being as the BNP is by its own written Constitution, is a non-secular party.

Still , Griffin has broken the party Constitution many times, particularly on allowing non-British/whites to be members of the BNP.

Apparently, the BNP meeting in Bury was an absolute farce as none of the members even knew the rules for sending issues to the BNP leadership for the fixed AGM.

Nationalist ideology has been pushed out by Griffin.

So we now have 'balls ups', all around the BNP nationwide.

It's no wonder the media now rather like us a bit ! We are run by crass incompetents !


Anonymous said...

Chris was allowed into the first half of the meeting as he was eligable. However he was not eligable for the second as he is not an organiser/ fundholer.
Just thought I would clarify this.

Anonymous said...

Ian is one of the hardest working and efficient members of the BNP i have ever come across.

Your pathetic insults do not help your cause.

Anonymous said...

Doctor Bell's said:
I can not believe that Chris Jackson has been banned from a BNP meeting. It's an outrage! who ever banned him has not abided by the
party's constitution,basically that any member has the right to attend
and speak at a meeting.The BNP is supposed to be a democratic party
I don't know who the current organiser is? but its seems to me that he supports Griffin and is not allowing Chris a platform to put forward his
case for reform in the party. Bury used to be a well run group but it seem's to be going the same way as Wigan'run by another poor organiser.

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