Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nick Griffin now screwing with 'Voice of Freedom' sales figures !

I haven't read the Voice of Freedom for many a year. When Griffin changed it from British Nationalist, I continued to read it.

Then they put some wog in, and gave him his own section.

What is this, thought I ?

Griffin is welcoming non-whites, but expelling long serving British nationalists ?

News tells us that Oldham are almost at the top of sales of VOF in the latest issue ?

Oldham has been buggered, since long gone idiot Mick Treacy pushed for his mate Nick Griffin to stand in Oldham in 2001 for a Parliamentary election.

This writer was the first Oldham BNP Organiser , albeit under duress.

We, Chris Jackson and I, handed Oldham over to Treacy.
Only last week, Dicky Barnbrook spoke in Oldham, and was unpleasently surprised to see that a former BNP stronghold was in a veritable mess.


Anonymous said...

Oldham bought 1,000 freedoms last month that is why they are up there.
It will be a common feature soon.

Anonymous said...

what do you expect with a prick called brierley running it who wont even talk to the press when offered free publicity for an election address

word has it hes going to be getting the boot very shortly

Joe Owens said...

When i was organiser for Merseyside, i regulary bought 2000. I wonder how many they buy nhow?

Anonymous said...

So who was the best Oldham organiser since you7 handed it over? Treacy, Corbettor Brierley

NorthWestNationalists said...

Treacy ? Absolutely not !

Anita Corbett ? I hardly know the lady, and have never met her.She seems OK, and very polite, when I have very briefly spoken to her on the telephone on the very rare occasion when we have spoken.

The new lad Martin Brierley I do not know at all. So it would be wrong for me to comment.

What I know I get from current BNP Officials and past Officials whom I know and can trust.

This constant changing over of Officials is not just an Oldham problem. The same is happening all over the Country.

What is needed is that Officials need to be educated into nationalist ideology. It is not happening at the moment. On the contrary, nationalists are being hounded out of the BNP. It isn't enough to "not like the pakis" this current and sole anti-muslim line is wrong !

Stability has never existed in the BNP since Nick Griffin hijacked the BNP.

I also hear that we have yet another Regional Organiser to be foisted on the North West. Yes they are foisted, and none since Chris Jackson was Regional Organiser has held it on merit.

Anonymous said...

Was just reading your page. I really used to enjoy the old "British Nationalist" Newspaper. But the new party paper "The voice of bolex" is such a load of shit! I stopped subscribing to it about three years ago because it was so boring. Page after page on Islam, Islam, Islam, and more Islam. Never a mention of the negro crime wave of rape, murder, muggins, etc... I doubt seriously the paper has many subscribers.

The BNP has lost out big time from me I no longer send any donations, or subscribe to any of their trashy publications.

Old Halifax said...

Not to mention he has the crap paper printed in bloody Eastern Europe.

Claims they couldn't find a British printer.

What a load of old bollox

Anonymous said...

Old Halifax is talking bollox. Every web printer in this country is Unionised and that is why it cant be printed here.

big john said...

oldham used to buy thousands and just give them out with the leaflets every month when mick t was organiser and they were raising about 800+ every meeting with over 100 at every meeting at the boundary. from oldham branch as formed shton, manchester,salford and stockport and things were running along nicely until interference from head office stopped the bandwaggon rolling.

things went downhill, when oldham gave burnley branch a digital duplicater and werent payed for it and were then told that oldham branch owed bnp headquaters money which was immpossible as no branch raised funds like oldham were doing at the time.

Old Halifax said...

Are you telling me there wasn't a single printer in this country who wouldn't print VOF?

Shit,I don't believe you.

Why did they not then go to France or Germany or even the Scandinavian countries?

For what reason is there to have it printed miles away in Slovakia?
or is someone pocketing the difference?

Anonymous said...

Word has it that a wealthy business man in the Royton ward is paying for the VOF's

So the paper sales are not coming out of BRANCH MONEYS THEN!!!

Oldham Branch have done NOTHING for the last 12months...

Anonymous said...

Seems you don't know a lot by your reply to my best organiser question apart from saying Treacy definatly not.There has only been 5 organisers and as far as I am aware Treacy was the best. So much so that Mrs Corbett relied on his advice.

I also recall you claiming Jacko had taken money on another site but now claim him to be a fantastic nationalist, which he is. Make your mind up lad!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Anon please try and keep up lad !

Your info is at least three years out of date.

You must also try to have some clarity in your posts. Do you want non-British in the BNP or not ?

Griffin does. Jackson does not.

Treacy supported Griffin as Treacy was too thick to understand policies and ideology.

So he left it all to 'the leader' !

You can't support Treacy AND Chris Jackson, that is an oxymoron.

By the way Treacy used to call Chris Jackson,( behind his back of course,) "a nazi bastard !"

No wonder CJ 'jacked in' the North West Regional Organisers job, with fellow NW BNP Organisers like him.

A Corbett said...

Mrs Corbett relied on MT's advice!

Hahahahaha :)

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