Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Local BNP activists take legal action -

Rosegrove & Lowerhouse Ward - Burnley - JOHN ROWE

After the 'drawing of lots' to decide the outcome of this ward in Burnley at last May's elections, John Rowe, plus other local activists are now taking legal action costing a great deal of money.

This could result in yet another BNP Councillor in Burnley.

Why has it been left to Burnley activists to finance this action and not BNP HQ ?

The Burnley activists need a Barrister to help in their court action, so why has BNP HQ NOT provided any expertise both in legal terms and elections ?

Why has the BNP HQ left Burnley BNP to do it all themselves ?

Just what is the purpose of BNP HQ ?

BNP HQ is fully aware of this possible winning of this council seat.

Of course, Nick Griffin is more interested in trying to rake money in, in some field in Derbyshire for the RWB. So no time to win a Council seat, eh Nick !


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The answer to your question is..because Griffin is not leading the BNP, he is leading the 'Nick Griffin' party.

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...