Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rochdale National Front public meeting -General election- 1979

Town Hall, Rochdale

We have almost 20 exclusive pictures of this famous nationalist meeting. The meeting and the riots by the anti-British left-wing and asian ne'er do wells, was shown on the BBC news, read by Angela Rippon.

The pics show the total idiocy of the Police, making our people have to stand next to the marxist rubbish who had shouted all sorts of violent language and slogans all night. The communist marxist's started the fight, but got their backsides kicked on the night.

Literally dozens of police were inside Rochdale Town Hall. they knew that trouble would break out.

The Police, in effect, organised the riot !

No point in naming Police officers names here, they will have retired by now, on excellent pensions. We will save this info for another time. Be aware 'coppers', we do not forget your unfairness or names.

Pensions are the be all, and end all, for the Police. We will take your pensions away from you when we have influence, if you have been abusing your power against us. Rochdale has had it's fair share of British nationalist hating cops, who will break the law.

The Police also allowed an asian/pakistani to enter this NF meeting, after confiscating a huge knife/machete off him, as he entered the Town hall.

You could not make this up, it is true.


Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting and to be fair we defended ourselves well but I don't think that anyone would say that the reds had their arses kicked.


Anonymous said...

Frank, or is that Moishe ?

We had 70 at that meeting. You jews/reds and pakis had 400 +.

You reds threatened all sorts including to kill us.

You got your arses kicked jewboy !

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