Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fight to rid Griffin of BNP leadership to be 'stepped up' !

We understand that apart from ourselves, many other people within and without the BNP, are to step up the campaign to rid us of a tyrant.

There does seem to be a 'ground swell' too and growing of disposition leading to anger and revolt against Nick Griffin.
There are of course many reasons for this..........deceit, lies , name it, Griffin has got it.
We have also noted that the Griffin apologists are arguing again that Lord Nick could have gotten a job easily with his Cambridge degree.
What ignorant nonsense !
Griffin only got a 'third class degree', we understand. That is a degree that means a failure to other 'grads', like this current writer, and academia in general. Most others who only 'gain a third' , do not turn up for their ceremony due to their total embarassment.
Nick Griffin was a part time woodcutter when John Tyndall foolishly took him on to write for SPEARHEAD magazine. We also understand, according to another source, he was a shelfstacker in a local supermarket.
Griffin, like Tony 'Wells'Lecomber, are unemployable.
So, to suggest that he would have made £millions, if he had joined the Establishment parties, is nonsense.
You do not know the man. This writer, unfortunately, knows him only too well !


Anonymous said...

The class of degree is only relevant for a few years. It is what you do later that counts.

Margaret Thatcher - whatever you think of her she was not stupid or unsuccessful - said that the really intelligent people got a first or a third. The ordinary got upper or lower seconds.

So what has Griffin done since University?

What great management skills has he practised?

What great political insights has he expressed?

What moral courage has he shown?

To keep his power he exercises it capriciously upon those he dislikes, thereby fueling the resentment against him and hardening the determination to oust him.

He fails to discipline bad behaviour in a consistent or rational way. For example, he seems to have rewarded Mark Collett for his stupid comments on "Young, Nazi and Proud". Young, nutcase and a prat more like it.

Political insight:
Let's forget about the exuberance of his youth.
His judgement on peak oil is naive. The public will not vote for Griffin or the BNP because we warned them about peak oil in the past. They will vote for someone who will solve their problems in the future.

For the public to know we can solve the peak oil problem, the public has to know who we are, what our policies are and trust our abilities.

However, Griffin focuses on setting up business schemes to exploit the BNP membership as a client base and not on gaining support and recognition among the whole public of the BNP's policies.

Technical advances mean that peak oil may not be a crisis but rather a serious on going problem while we switch to another source of energy.

The establishment parties will no doubt adapt to present policies to solve this crisis/problem and will seek to marginalise the BNP.

Simply going on about how we warned the public a long time ago is not going to counter the tactics of the main parties or the media.

Moral courage:
Both Griffin and Collett did conduct themselves bravely in the face of a credible threat of imprisonment during the free speech trials.

However, neither were given any choice about standing trial, nor an easy way out.

They demonstrated the courage that is ordinarily found in most of us, when faced with an unavoidable attack.

Courage is choosing to do the difficult right thing when there is an easy way out.

The moral courage of a leader is therefore shown by the decisions taken for the good of the movement and cause, not for personal benefit.

This is what is lacking in the 'Father Christmas' politicians who bribe us with our own tax money rather than doing the best thing for our country.

And it is lacking in Griffin who exercises his power in the BNP to keep himself and his friends in authority.

Removing talented people because they may become a rival for the leadership just weakens the BNP and Griffin himself.

Rather than face the challenge of a talented rival, Griffin expels him by whatever device he can and thus avoids having to improve his own leadership performance.

Just look at the recent leadership election.

Griffin should have postponed it until after the funeral of Keith Brown and organised a huge BNP attendance that the press could not ignore.

He could have used the leadership election to conduct a tour of as many branch meetings as possible - with Chris Jackson - to call for a huge attendance.

By including Jackson in the grand tour, the election would have been conducted far more fairly and thereby earned Griffin respect.

He would have won that election anyway, as his public speaking engagements on national media give him a huge advantage and he could counter any accusations of poor management by saying that things had massively improved since his take over from Tyndall and he had plans to improve things further.

He would have heard all of Jackson's complaints as the tour progressed and could have honed his reply at each subsequent meeting.

But he did not.

He threw away the opportunity of the Keith Brown funeral and took the easy way to beat Jackson.

Such a man will not lead us anywhere good.

Anonymous said...

Griffin also went spectacularly bankrupt later.

Academically useless and can't make it in legitimate business.

Politics the only possible career then.

West Mids said...

I can assure you they will be "outside" long before the next opportunity arises.

jack london said...


Only on here and the Lancaster UAF blogspot.

Join the NNP is my advice.

Anonymous said...

"West Mids said ... I can assure you they will be "outside" long before the next opportunity arises."

So much for the party of freedom and democracy.

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